Deuteronomy 19:6

  6 G2443   G3361 Lest G1377 [4pursue G3588 1the one G70.4 2acting as next of kin G3588   G129 3for blood] G3694 after G3588 the G5407 man-slayer, G3754 because G3864.2 [2is overheated G3588   G2588 1his heart], G1473   G2532 and G2638 overtakes G1473 him, G1437 if G3117 it might be a longer G1510.3   G3588   G3598 way, G2532 and G3960 he strikes G1473 his G5590 life G2532 and G599 he should die. G2532 And G3778 [4to this man G3756 1there is no G1510.2.3   G2920 2judgment G2288 3of death], G3754 for G3756 [2not G3404 3detesting G1510.7.3 1he was] G1473 him G4253 before G3588   G5504 yesterday G2532 and G4253 before G3588 the G5154 third day .