2 Kings 8:12

  12 G2532 And G2036 Hazael said, G*   G5100 Why is it G3754 that G3588   G2962 my master G1473   G2799 weeps? G2532 And G2036 he said G3754 that, G1492 I have beheld G3745 as many things as G4160 you shall do G3588 to the G5207 sons G* of Israel -- G2556 bad things . G3588   G3794 [2their fortresses G1473   G1821 1You will send] G1722 up in G4442 fire, G2532 and G3588   G1588 their chosen ones G1473   G615 you will kill G1722 by G4501 broadsword, G2532 and G3588   G3516 their infants G1473   G1473 you shall dash, G2532 and G3588 the ones G1722 [3one in G1064 4 the womb G2192 2having G1473 1of them] G1284 you shall tear apart.