1 Kings 18:12

  12 G2532 And G1510.8.3 it will be G1437 if G1473 I G565 should go forth G575 from G1473 you, G2532 and G4151 a wind G2962 of the lord G142 shall lift G1473 you G1519 into G3588 the G1093 land G3739 which G3756 I do not G1492 know, G2532 and G1525 I shall enter G3588   G518 to report G3588   G* to Ahab, G2532 and G3756 he should not G2147 find G1473 you, G2532 then G615 he will kill G1473 me. G2532 But G3588   G1401 your servant G1473   G1510.2.3 is G5399 fearing G3588 the G2962 lord G1537 from out of G3503 his youth. G1473