1 Samuel 27:1-12

ECB(i) 1
And David says in his heart, And now I become scraped away one day by the hand of Shaul: there is naught better for me than to speedily escape into the land of the Peleshethiy; so that Shaul quits seeking me any more in any border of Yisra El: and in escaping, I escape from his hand. 2 And David rises and passes over with his six hundred men to Achish the son of Maoch the sovereign of Gath: 3 and David settles with Achish at Gath - he and his men - every man with his household, David with his two women, Achiy Noam the Yizre Eliyth and Abi Gail the Karmeliyth - the woman of Nabal. 4 And they tell Shaul that David flees to Gath: and he adds not to seek for him. 5 And David says to Achish, If I now find charism in your eyes, give me a place in one of the cities of the field to settle there: for why settle your servant with you in the sovereigndom city? 6 Then that day Achish gives him Siqlag: so Siqlag becomes to the sovereigns of Yah Hudah to this day: 7 and the number of days David settles in the field of the Peleshethiy is a full year of days and four months. 8 And David and his men ascend and strip the Geshuriy and the Gezeriy and the Amaleqiy: for they are originally the settlers of the land as you go to Shur to the land of Misrayim: 9 and David smites the land and leaves neither man nor woman alive; and takes away the flock and the oxen and the he burros and the camels and the covering and returns and comes to Achish. 10 And Achish says, Where stripped you today? And David says, Against the south of Yah Hudah and against the south of the Yerachme Eliy and against the south of the Qayiniy. 11 And David lets neither man nor woman live to bring to Gath, saying, Lest they tell on us, saying, So worked David and thus be his judgment all the days he settles in the field of the Peleshethiy. 12 And Achish trusts David, saying, In stinking, he stinks among his people Yisra El; so he becomes my servant eternally.