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Riot, Rioting, Riotous, Riotously

[ A-1,Noun,G810, astia ]
prodigality, a wastefulness, profligacy" (a negative, sozo, "to save") is rendered "riot" in Ephesians 5:18, RV (AV, "excess"); Titus 1:6; 1 Peter 4:4 (AV and RV, "riot"). The corresponding verb is found in a papyrus writing, telling of "riotous living" (like the adverb asotos, See B). In the Sept., Proverbs 28:7. Cp. the synonymous word aselgeia (under LASCIVIOUSNESS).

[ A-2,Noun,G2970, komos ]
"a revel," is rendered "rioting" in Romans 13:13, AV: See REVEL.

[ A-3,Noun,G5172, truphe ]
"luxuriousness," is rendered "riot" in 2 Peter 2:13, AV; See DELICATELY, REVEL.

[ A-4,Noun,G4714, stasis ]
primarily "a standing" (akin to histemi, "to caused to (stand)," then "an insurection," is translated "riot" in Acts 19:40, RV (AV, "uproar"). See DISSENSION, INSURRECTION, SEDITION, UPROAR.

[ B-1,Adverb,G811, asotos ]
"wastefully" (akin to A, No. 1), is translated "with riotous living" in Luke 15:13; though the word does not necessarily signify "dissolutely," the parable narrative makes clear that this is the meaning here. In the Sept., Proverbs 7:11.

Note: The verb ekchuno, a Hellenistic form of ekcheo (though the form actually used is the regular classical aorist Passive of ekcheo), "to pour out, shed," is translated "ran riotously" in Jude 1:11, RV (AV, "ran greedily"); See POUR, SHED.

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