Pour - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G906, ballo ]
to throw," is used of "pouring" liquids, Matthew 26:12, RV, marg., "cast" (of ointment); John 13:5 (of water). See CAST, No. 1.

[ 2,,G2708, katacheo ]
"to pour down upon" (kata, "down," cheo, "to pour"), is used in Matthew 26:7 (cp. No. 1 in Matthew 26:12); Mark 14:3, of ointment.

[ 3,,G1632, ekcheo ]
"to pour out" (ek, "out"), is used
(a) of Christ's act as to the changers' money, John 2:15;
(b) of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:17-Acts 2:18, Acts 2:33, RV, "He hath poured forth" (AV, "... shed forth"); Titus 3:6, RV, "poured out" (AV, "shed");
(c) of the emptying of the contents of the bowls (AV, "vials") of Divine wrath, Revelation 16:1-Revelation 16:4, Revelation 16:8, Revelation 16:10, Revelation 16:12, Revelation 16:17;
(d) of the shedding of the blood of saints by the foes of God, Revelation 16:6, RV, "poured out" (AV, "shed"); some mss. have it in Acts 22:20. See RUN, SHED, SPILL.

[ 4,,G1632, ekchuno ]
or ekchunno, a Hellenistic form of No. 3, is used of the blood of Christ, Luke 22:20, RV "is poured out" (AV, "is shed"); of the Holy Spirit, Acts 10:45. See GUSH OUT, RUN, SHED, SPILL.

[ 5,,G2022, epicheo ]
"to pour upon" (epi), is used in Luke 10:34, of the oil and wine used by the good Samaritan on the wounds of him who had fallen among robbers.

Note: For the AV, "poured out" in Revelation 14:10 (RV, "prepared"), See MINGLE, NO. 2.

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