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[ 1,,G3396, mignumi ]
to mix, mingle" (from a root mik---; Eng., "mix" is akin), is always in the NT translated "to mingle," Matthew 27:34; Luke 13:1; Revelation 8:7; Revelation 15:2.

[ 2,,G2767, kerannumi ]
"to mix, to mingle," chiefly of the diluting of wine, implies "a mixing of two things, so that they are blended and form a compound, as in wine and water, whereas mignumi (No. 1) implies a mixing without such composition, as in two sorts of grain" (Liddell and Scott, Lex.). It is used in Revelation 18:6 (twice); in Revelation 14:10, RV, "prepared" (marg., "mingled;" AV, "poured out"), lit., "mingled," followed by akratos, "unmixed, pure" (a, negative, and kratos, an adjective, from this verb kerannumi), the two together forming an oxymoron, the combination in one phrase of two terms that are ordinarily contradictory.

Note: For the verb smurnizo, "to mingle with myrrh," Mark 15:23, See MYRRH.

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