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Drive, Driven, Drave, Drove

[ 1,,G1544, ekballo ]
denotes, lit., to cast forth," with the suggestion of force (ek, "out," ballo, "to cast"); hence "to drive out or forth." It is translated "driveth" in Mark 1:12, RV, "driveth forth." In John 2:15 for the AV, "drove," the RV has "cast," the more usual translation. See CAST, No. 5.

[ 2,,G1559, ekdioko ]
"to chase away, drive out" (ek, "out," dioko, "to pursue"), is used in 1 Thessalonians 2:15, RV, "drave out," AV, "have persecuted." Some mss. have this verb for dioko, in Luke 11:49.

[ 3,,G1643, elauno ]
signifies "to drive, impel, urge on." It is used of "rowing," Mark 6:48; John 6:19; of the act of a demon upon a man, Luke 8:29; of the power of winds upon ships, James 3:4; and of storms upon mists, 2 Peter 2:17, AV, "carried," RV, "driven." See also CARRY, Note
(2), ROW.

[ 4,,G556, apelauno ]
apo, "from," and No. 3, "to drive from," is used in Acts 18:16.

[ 5,,G1856, exotheo ]
"to thrust out" (ek, "out," otheo, "to push, thrust"), is translated "thrust" in Acts 7:45, RV (AV, "drave"); in Acts 27:39, of "driving" a storm-tossed ship ashore (RV, "drive," AV, "thrust"). Cp. No. 6. See THRUST.

[ 6,,G5342, phero ]
"to bear," is translated "driven" in Acts 27:15, Acts 27:17, of "being borne" in a storm-tossed ship. See BEAR, etc.

[ 7,,G1308, diaphero ]
lit., "to bear through" (dia, "through," and No. 6), in Acts 27:27 signifies "to be borne hither and thither" (RV, "were driven to and fro;" AV, "up and down"). See BETTER (be), No. 1.

[ 8,,G416, anemizo ]
"to drive by the wind" (anemos, "wind"), is used in James 1:6.

Note: For "let ... drive," Acts 27:15, See GIVE, No. 3.

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