Nehemiah 6:10

  10 H935 [H8804] Afterward I came H1004 to the house H8098 of Shemaiah H1121 the son H1806 of Delaiah H1121 the son H4105 of Mehetabeel, H6113 [H8803] who was shut up; H559 [H8799] and he said, H3259 [H8735] Let us meet together H1004 in the house H430 of God, H8432 within H1964 the temple, H5462 [H8799] and let us shut H1817 the doors H1964 of the temple: H935 [H8802] for they will come H2026 [H8800] to slay H3915 thee; yea, in the night H935 [H8802] will they come H2026 [H8800] to slay thee.