Genesis 36:22-30

  22 H1121 And the sons H3877 of Lotan H2753 were Hori H1967 and Hemam; H3877 and Lotan's H269 sister H8555 was Timna.
  23 H1121 And the sons H7732 of Shobal H5935 were these; Alvan, H4506 and Manahath, H5858 and Ebal, H8195 Shepho, H208 and Onam.
  24 H1121 And these are the sons H6649 of Zibeon; H345 both Ajah, H6034 and Anah: H6034 this was that Anah H4672 [H8804] that found H3222 the mules H4057 in the wilderness, H7462 [H8800] as he fed H2543 the donkeys H6649 of Zibeon H1 his father.
  25 H1121 And the sons H6034 of Anah H1787 were these; Dishon, H173 and Aholibamah H1323 the daughter H6034 of Anah.
  26 H1121 And these are the sons H1787 of Dishon; H2533 Hemdan, H790 and Eshban, H3506 and Ithran, H3763 and Cheran.
  27 H1121 The sons H687 of Ezer H1092 are these; Bilhan, H2190 and Zaavan, H6130 and Akan.
  28 H1121 The sons H1789 of Dishan H5780 are these; Uz, H765 and Aran.
  29 H441 These are the chiefs H2752 that came of the Horites; H441 chief H3877 Lotan, H441 chief H7732 Shobal, H441 chief H6649 Zibeon, H441 chief H6034 Anah,
  30 H441 Chief H1787 Dishon, H441 chief H687 Ezer, H441 chief H1789 Dishan: H441 these are the chiefs H2753 that came of Hori, H441 among their chiefs H776 in the land H8165 of Seir.