Daniel 5:16

  16 H576 And I H8086 [H8754] have heard H5922 of thee, H3202 [H8748] that thou canst H6590 [H8749] make H6591 interpretations, H8271 [H8749] and dissolve H7001 doubts: H3705 now H2006 if H3202 [H8748] thou canst H7123 [H8749] read H3792 the writing, H3046 [H8682] and make known H6591 to me the interpretation H3848 [H8748] of it, thou shalt be clothed H711 with scarlet, H2002 and have a chain H1722 of gold H5922 about H6676 thy neck, H8531 and shalt be the third H7981 [H8748] ruler H4437 in the kingdom.