Ezra 2:29 Cross References - new

  29 H1121 The sons H5015 of Nebo, H2572 fifty H8147 and two.

Numbers 32:3

  3 H5852 Ataroth, H1769 and Dibon, H3270 and Jazer, H5247 and Nimrah, H2809 and Heshbon, H500 and Elealeh, H7643 and Shebam, H5015 and Nebo, H1194 and Beon,

Deuteronomy 32:49

  49 H5927 [H8798] Go up H2022 to this mountain H5682 Abarim, H2022 to mount H5015 Nebo, H776 which is in the land H4124 of Moab, H6440 that is opposite H3405 Jericho; H7200 [H8798] and behold H776 the land H3667 of Canaan, H5414 [H8802] which I give H1121 to the sons H3478 of Israel H272 for a possession:

Nehemiah 7:33

  33 H582 The men H312 of the other H5015 Nebo, H2572 fifty H8147 and two.

Isaiah 15:2

  2 H5927 [H8804] He is gone up H1006 to Bajith, H1769 and to Dibon, H1116 the high places, H1065 to weep: H4124 Moab H3213 [H8686] shall wail H5015 over Nebo, H4311 and over Medeba: H7218 on all their heads H7144 shall be baldness, H2206 and every beard H1438 [H8803] shorn.

Jeremiah 48:1

  1 H4124 Against Moab H559 [H8804] thus saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H430 the God H3478 of Israel; H1945 Woe H5015 to Nebo! H7703 [H8795] for it is laid waste: H7156 Kiriathaim H3001 [H8689] is confounded H3920 [H8738] and taken: H4869 Misgab H3001 [H8689] is confounded H2865 [H8804] and dismayed.

Jeremiah 48:22

  22 H1769 And upon Dibon, H5015 and upon Nebo, H1015 and upon Bethdiblathaim,

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