Luke 16:19-25

Wycliffe(i) 19 There was a riche man, and was clothid in purpur, and whit silk, and eete euery dai schynyngli. 20 And there was a begger, Lazarus bi name, that lai at his yate ful of bilis, 21 and coueitide to be fulfillid of the crummes, that fellen doun fro the riche mannus boord, and no man yaf to hym; but houndis camen, and lickiden hise bilis. 22 And it was don, that the begger diede, and was borun of aungels in to Abrahams bosum. 23 And the riche man was deed also, and was biried in helle. And he reiside hise iyen, whanne he was in turmentis, and say Abraham afer, and Lazarus in his bosum. 24 And he criede, and seide, Fadir Abraham, haue merci on me, and sende Lazarus, that he dippe the ende of his fyngur in watir, to kele my tunge; for Y am turmentid in this flawme. 25 And Abraham seide to hym, Sone, haue mynde, for thou hast resseyued good thingis in thi lijf, and Lazarus also yuel thingis; but he is now coumfortid, and thou art turmentid.