2 Chronicles 16:7-9

Wycliffe(i) 7 In that tyme Anany, the profete, cam to Asa, kyng of Juda, and seide to hym, For thou haddist trist in the kyng of Sirie, and not in `thi Lord God, herfor the oost of `the kyng of Sirie aschapide fro thin hond. 8 Whether `Ethiopiens and Libiens weren not many mo in charis, and knyytis, and ful greet multitude; whiche whanne thou haddist bileuyd to the Lord, he bitook in to thin hondis? 9 For the iyen of the Lord biholden al the erthe, and yyuen strengthe to hem, that with perfit herte bileuen in to hym. Therfor thou hast do folili, and for this, yhe, in present tyme batels schulen rise ayens thee.