2 Chronicles 16:7-9

Matthew(i) 7 At that same tyme Hanani the sear, came to Asa kyng of Iuda & sayde to hym: because thou trustest in the king of Siria, and trustest not in the Lorde thy God therfore is the host of the kynge of Siria escaped oute of thyne hande. 8 Were not the blacke Mores, and they of Libya a great host wyth exceading many charettes and horsemen? And yet because thou trustedest in the Lorde, he delyuered them into thyne handes. 9 For the eyes of the Lorde beholde all the earthe, to strength the hertes of them that are hole with him. Herin thou hast done folyshly, and therfore from henceforth thou shalt haue warre.