Mark 9:50

  50 G2570 A-NSN καλον G3588 T-NSN το G217 N-NSN αλας G1437 COND εαν G1161 CONJ δε G3588 T-NSN το G217 N-NSN αλας G358 A-NSN αναλον G1096 (G5638) V-2ADS-3S γενηται G1722 PREP εν G5101 I-DSN τινι G846 P-ASN αυτο G741 (G5692) V-FAI-2P αρτυσετε G2192 (G5720) V-PAM-2P εχετε G1722 PREP εν G1438 F-3DPM εαυτοις G217 N-ASN αλας G2532 CONJ και G1514 (G5720) V-PAM-2P ειρηνευετε G1722 PREP εν G240 C-DPM αλληλοις
ERV(i) 50 Salt is good: but if the salt have lost its saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace one with another.