Psalms 57

Matthew(i) 1 To the Chaunter destroy not Michtam of Dauid, when he fledde from Saull into the caue. Be mercyfull vnto me, O God, be mercyfull vnto me, for my soule trusteth in the: and vnder the shadow of thy winges shal be my refuge, vntyll wyckednes be ouer past. 2 I call vnto God the moste hyest, euen the God that shal helpe me vp agayne. 3 He shal send from heauen, and saue me from the reproue of him that would swalowe my vp. Selah. This shall God sende, for his mercye and faythfulnes sake. 4 I lye wyth my soule among the cruel lions euen among the chyldren of men, whose teeth are speares and arrowes, and their tonge a sherpe sweard. 5 Set vp thy selfe, O God, aboue the heauens, and thy glory aboue al the earthe. 6 They haue layed a net for my fete, and pressed doune my soule: they haue dygged a pytte before me, and are fallen into it them selues. Selah. 7 My hert is redy, O God, my herte is ready to synge and geue prayse. 8 Awake, O my glorye, awake lute and harpe, I my selfe wil awake ryght early. 9 I wil geue thanckes vnto the, O Lorde, amonge the people, I wyll synge prayses vnto the among the Heithen. 10 For the greatnes of thy mercye reacheth vnto the heauens, and thy faythfulnes vnto the cloudes. 11 Set vp thy selfe, O God, aboue the heauens, and thi glory aboue al the earth.