Isaiah 21

Matthew(i) 1 Thys is the heauy burthen of the waste sea: A greuous vysion was shewed vnto me, lyke as when a storme of winde & rayn russheth in from the wildernesse that terrible land. 2 Who so may disceyue (said the voyce) let him disceyue. Who so may destroye, let him dystroye. Vp Elam, besege it O Madai, for I wyl styl al their groninges. 3 With this the raynes of my backe were full of payne: Panges came vpon me, as vpon a woman in her trauayle. When I hearde it, I was abasshed, and when I loked vp, I was afrayde. 4 Myne herte panted, I trembled for feare. The darcknesse made me fearfull in in my mynde. 5 Yea sone make ready the table (sayde this voyce) kepe the watch, eate & dryncke. Vp ye Captaynes, take you to youre shild, 6 for thus the Lorde hath charged me: go thy waye, and set a watche man, that he may tel what he seith. 7 And when he had wayted dylygentlye, he sawe two horsemen: the one rydynge vpon an Asse, the other vpon a Camel. 8 And the lyon cryed: Lorde, I haue stande waytynge all the whole daye, and haue kepte my watch all the night. 9 Wyth that came there one rydinge vpon a charet, whyche answered, and sayde: Babilon is fallen, she is turned vp syde doune and al the ymages of her Godes are smytten to the grounde. 10 This (O my felowe thresshers and fanners) haue I hearde of the Lorde of Hostes the God of Israel, to shewe it vnto you. 11 The heauy burthen of Duma. One of Seir cryed vnto me: Watche man what hast thou espyed by nyght, whatcheman what hast thou espyed by nyght. 12 The watchman answered: The daye breaketh on, and the nyght is commyng: Yf youre request be earnest, then aske and come agayne. 13 The heauy burthen of Arabia. At euen ye shall abyde in the wood, in the way toward Dedanim. 14 Mete the thursty wt water (O ye cytesins of Hema) mete those wt bread that are fled. 15 For they shal runne away from the weapen, from the drawen swearde, from the bent bowe, and from the greate battel. 16 For thus hath the Lorde spoken vnto me: ouer a yeare shall all the power of Cedar be gone, lyke as when the offyce of an hyred seruaunt goeth oute. 17 And the remnaunte of the good Arthers of Cedar, shalbe very fewe: For the Lorde God of Israel hath spoken it.