Exodus 34

Matthew(i) 1 And the Lord sayed vnto Moses: hewe the two tables of stone lyke vnto the fyrste, that I may write in them the wordes whyche were in the fyrste two tables, whych thou brakest 2 and be ready against the mornyng that thou mayst come vp early to the mount of Sinai and stande me there vppon the toppe of the mounte. 3 But let no man come vp wyth the neither let any man be sene thorowout al the mount, neither let shepe nor oxen fede before the hyll. 4 And Moses hewed .ij. tables of stone lyke vnto the fyrst, and rose vp earlye in the mornynge and wente vp into the mounte of Sinai as the Lord commaunded him: and toke in hys hand the two tables of stone. 5 And the Lord descended in the cloud, and stode with hym there: and he called vpon the name of the Lorde. 6 And when the Lord walked before him, he cried: Lord Lord God full of compassion and mercy, which are not lightly angry but abundaunt in mercy and truth, 7 and kepest mercye in store for thousandes, & forgeueste wyckednes, trespace, and synne (for there is no man innocent before the) and vysitest the wyckednes of the father vpon the chyldren and vpon chyldrens chyldren, euen vnto the thyrd and fourth generation. 8 And Moses bowed himselfe to the earth quickly & worshipped 9 & said: If I haue found grace in thy sight, O Lorde, then let my Lorde go wyth vs (for it is a stubburne people) & haue mercy vpon our wickednes & our sinne, and let vs be thyne enheritaunce. 10 And he sayd: behold, I make an appoyntment before all thys people, that I wyl doo maruails: such as haue not bene done in all the world, neither among any nation. And all the people among whych thou arte, shall se the worckes of the Lord: for it is a terrible thynge that I wyll do wyth the: 11 kepe al that I commaund the thys daye, and beholde: I wyll caste out before the the Amorytes, Canaanites, Hethytes, Pherezites, Heuites, and Iebusites. 12 Take hede to thy selfe, that thou make no compact wyth the inhabiters of the Lande whether thou goest, least it because of ruine among you. 13 But ouerthrowe their aulters and breake theyr pillars, & cut downe their groues, 14 for thou shalt worshyp no straunge God. For the Lorde is called gelousee bycause he is a gelouse God: 15 lest if thou make any agremente wyth the inhabiters of the lande, when they go a whorynge after theyr Gods and do sacrifice vnto theyr Goddes, they cal the and thou eate of theyr sacrifyce: 16 and thou take of theyr daughters vnto thy sonnes, and when theyr daughters goo a whorynge after theyr Goddes, 17 they make thy sonnes goo a whoringe after their Goddes also. Thou shalt make the no Gods of metall. 18 The feast of swete bread shalt thou kepe, & .vij. dayes thou shalt eat vnleauened bread (as I commaunded the) in the time appointed in the moneth of Abib: for in the moneth of Abib thou camest oute of Egypte. 19 All that breaketh vp the matrice shall be myne, & all that breaketh the matryce among thy cattel, if it be male: whether it be oxe or shepe. 20 But the fyrst of the asse thou shalt bye out wt a shepe or if thou redeme him not: se thou breake his necke. All the fyrst borne of thy sonnes thou must nedes redeme. And se that no man appeare before me empty. 21 Sixe dayes thou shalt worcke, & the seuenth thou shalt rest: both from earyng and reaping 22 Thou shalt obserue the feaste of wekes wt the fyrst fruites of wheate herueste, and the feast ingaderyng at the yeares ende. 23 Thrise in a yeare shall all youre men chyldren appeare before the Lorde Iehouah God of Israell: 24 for I wyll caste out the nations before the & wyll enlarge thy costes, so that no man shall desyre thy lande whylse thou goest vp to appeare before the face of the Lorde thy God, thryse in the yeare. 25 Thou shalt not offer the bloud of my sacrifice wt leuened breade: neither shal oughte of the sacrifice of the feast of passeouer, beleft vnto the morning. 26 The fyrst of the firstfrutes of thy Lande, thou shalt brynge vnto the house of the Lord thy God. And se, that thou seeth not a kydd in hys mothers milke. 27 And the Lorde sayed vnto Moses: wryte these wordes, for vpon these wordes I haue made a couenaunt wyth the & wyth the chyldren of Israel. 28 And he was there wyth the Lorde .xl. dayes & .xl. nightes, and nether ate bred not dranke water. And he wrote in the tables the wordes of the couenaunt: euen ten verses. 29 And Moses came doune from mount Synay & the .ij. tables of wytnesse in his hande, & yet the wyst not that the skynne of his face shone wyth beames of hys comenyng with hym. 30 And when Aaron and all the chyldren of Israel loked vpon Moses and sawe that the skynne of his face shone with beames they were afrayde to come nye hym. 31 But he called them to hym, and then Aaron & all the chefe of the company came vnto him, & Moses talked with them. 32 And at the last al the chyldren of Israel came vnto him, and he commaunded them all that the Lord had sayde vnto him in mounte Sinai. 33 And as soone as he had made an ende of comenyng wyth them, he put a coueryng vpon his face. 34 But when he went before the Lorde to speake wyth him, he toke the coueryng of vntyll he came out. And he came out & spake vnto the chyldren of Israel that whych he was commaunded. 35 And the chyldren of Israel sawe the face of Moses, that the skynne of hys face shone with beames: but Moses put a coueryng vpon hys face, vntyl he went into comen with hym.