Deuteronomy 4

Matthew(i) 1 And now herken Israel vnto the ordinaunces & lawes which I teach you, for to do them, that ye maye lyue & go and conquere the lande whych the Lorde God of youre fathers geueth you. 2 Ye shall put nothynge vnto the worde whych I commaunde you nether do ought therfrom, that ye maye kepe the commandementes of the Lord your God which I commaunde you. 3 Youre eyes haue sene what the Lord dyd vnto Baal Peor: for all the men that folowed Baal Peor, the Lord your God hath destroyed among you. 4 But ye that claue vnto the Lorde your God are alyue euery one of you this day. 5 Beholde, I haue taught you ordinaunces & lawes such as the Lorde my God commaunded me that ye should do euen so in the land whither ye go to possesse it. 6 Kepe them therefore and do them for that is your wysdome and vnderstandyng in the syght of the nations, whych when they haue hearde all these ordinaunces, shall saye: O what a wyse and vnderstaudynge people is thys greate nation. 7 For what nation is so great that hath Goddes so nye vnto him as the Lorde oure God is nye vnto vs, in all thynges, when we cal vnto him? 8 Yea, & what nation is so greate that hathe ordinaunces, and lawes so ryghtuouse, as all thys lawe which I set before you thys day. 9 Take hede to thy selfe therfore only & kepe thy soule diligently, that thou forget not the thynges whych thyne eyes haue sene, & that they departe not oute of thyne herte, all the dayes of thy lyfe: but teach them thy sonnes and thy sonnes sonnes. 10 The day that I stode before the Lorde your God in Horeb, when he sayed vnto me, gather me the people togither, that I may make them heare my wordes that they maye learne to feare me as longe as they lyue vpon the earth & that they may teache theyr children: 11 ye came and stode also vnder the hyll, and the hyll burnte with fyre euen vnto the mydes of heauen, and there was darckenes cloudes and myste. 12 And the Lorde spake vnto you out of the fyre and ye heard the voyce of his wordes: but sawe no ymage, saue heard a voyce onely. 13 And he declared vnto you his couenaunt which he commaunded you to do, euen .x. verses & wrote them in two tables of stone. 14 And the Lord commaunded me that same ceason to teache you ordinaunces and lawes, for to do them in the land whither ye go to possesse it. 15 Take hede vnto youre selues diligentlye as pertaynynge vnto youre Soules, for ye sawe no maner of ymage the daye when the Lorde spake vnto you in Horeb out of the fire lest ye marre your selues 16 & make you grauen ymages after whatsoeuer likenes it be: whether after the lykenesse of manne or woman 17 or any maner beaste that is on the earth or of anye maner fethered foule that flyeth in the ayre, 18 or of anye maner worme that creapeth on the earth or of anye maner fish that is in the water beneth the earth. 19 Yea, & least thou lyfte vp thyne eye vnto heauen, & when thou seist the sunne and the mone and the starres and whatsoeuer is contained in heauen, shouldest be deceyued and shouldest bowe thy selfe to them and serue the thynges whych the Lord thy God hathe distributed vnto all nations that are vnder al quarters of heauen. 20 For the Lorde toke you and brought you out of the, yron furnace of Egipt, to be vnto him a people of enheritaunce, as it is come to passe thys daye. 21 Furthermore, the Lorde was angrye wt me for youre sakes & sware, that I shoulde not go ouer Iordan and that I should not go vnto that good land, which the Lorde thy God geueth the to enheritaunce. 22 For I must dye in thys Land, & shal not go ouer Iordan. But ye shall go ouer and conquere that good land. 23 Take hede to your selues therefore, that ye forgett not the appoyntment of the Lorde your god which he made with you, & that ye make you no grauen ymage of whatoeuer it be that the Lorde thy God hath forbydden the. 24 For the Lorde thy God is a consuming fyre, and a gelouse God. 25 If after thou haste gotten chyldren and chyldrens chyldren & hast dwelt long in the lande, ye shall marre your selues and make grauen ymages after the likenes of whatsoeuer it be, and shall worke wyckednes in the syght of the Lord thy God, to prouoke him. 26 I cal heauen and earth to recorde vnto you thys day, that ye shal shortely perishe from of the lande whither ye go ouer Iordan to possesse it: ye shal not prolong your daies therin but shal shortly be destroyed. 27 And the Lorde shal scatter you among nations, & ye shalbe left fewe in numbre among the people whyther the lord shal bryng you, 28 & there ye shall serue Gods whych are the workes of mans hand, wod & stone which neither se nor heare nor eate nor smell. 29 Neuerthelater ye shall seke the Lord your God euen ther, and shall fynde hym it thou seeke hym wyth all thyne herte and wyth all thy soule. 30 In thy tribulation and when all these thynges are come vpon the euen in the later dayes, thou shalte turne vnto the Lorde thy God, and shalte herken vnto hys voyce. 31 For the Lord thy God is a pitiful God, he wil not forsake the neyther destroy the, nor forget the appoyntment made wt thy fathers whyche he sware vnto them. 32 For aske I pray the for the dayes that are past which were before the, sence the day that God created man vpon the earth and from the one syde of heauen vnto the other whether any thynge hath bene lyke vnto thys greate thyng or whether any suche thyng hath bene heard as it is, 33 that a nation hath heard the voice of God speaking out of fire as thou hast herde and yet lyued? 34 eyther whether God assaied to go & take him a people from amonge nations, thorowe temptations and sygnes and wonders & thorow warre & wyth a myghty hand and a streatched oute arme and with myghtye terryble syghtes, accordynge vnto all that the Lord your God dyd vnto you in Egypt before your eyes. 35 Vnto the it was shewed, that thou mightest know, howe that the lorde he is God & that there is none but he. 36 Oute of heauen he made the hear hys voyce to nurture the, and vpon earth he shewed the his great fire, and thou heardest hys wordes out of the fyre. 37 And bycause he loued thy fathers, therefore he chose theyr sede after them and broughte the out wyth hys presence and with hys mighty power of Egypte: 38 to thruste oute nations greater & myghtier then thou before the, to bring the in, & to giue the their land to enheritaunce: as it is come to passe this day. 39 Vnderstand therefore thys daye & turne it to thyne herte, that the Lord he is God in heauen aboue, & vpon the earth beneth there is no mo: 40 kepe therefore hys ordinaunces, & his commaundementes which I commaund the this day, that it may go wel with the & with thy children after the, & that thou maist prolong thi dayes vpon the earth which the Lord thy God geueth the thy lyfe long. 41 Then Moses seuered .iij. cityes on the other syde Iordan toward the sonne rysing, 42 that he shoulde flee thyther whyche had kylled hys neyghboure vnwares and hated hym not in tyme paste, and therefore shoulde flee to one of the same cities and lyue: 43 Bezer in the wildernes, euen in the playne contry among the Rubenites: & Ramoth in Galaad among the Gaddites and Solan in Bason amonge the Manassites. 44 This is the law which Moses set before the chyldren of Israell, 45 and these are the witnesses, ordinaunces & statutes whych Moses tolde the chyldren of Israel after they came out of Egypt 46 on the other side Iordan in the valey besyde Beth Pheor in the land of Sehon kyng of the Amorytes whiche dwelt at Hesbon, whom Moses & the children of Israell smote after they were come out of Egypt 47 and conquered hys land and the lande of Og kynge of Basan .ij. kynges of the Amorites on the other syde Iordan toward the sunne rysynge: 48 from Aroer vpon the bancke of the ryuer Arnon, vnto the mount Sion which is called Hermon 49 and al the feildes on the other syde Iordan eastwarde: euen vnto the sea in the felde vnder the springes of Phasgah.