1 Kings 21

Matthew(i) 1 After these thynges were done, it chaunced that Naboth the Iezrahelite had a vyneyard in Iezrahel harde by the palace of Ahab kynge of Samaria. 2 And Ahab spake vnto Naboth sayinge: let me haue thy vineyard, to make me a garden of yerbes therof, because it lieth so nye my house: and I will geue the a better vineyarde for it: or yf it playse the, I wyll geue the the worth of it in syluer. 3 But Naboth sayde to Ahab: the lord forbyd that from me, that I shoulde geue the enheritaunce of my fathers vnto the. 4 Then went Ahab vnto his house wayward and euyl apaide, because of the wordes which Naboth the Iezrahelite had spoken to hym saying. I will not geue to the the enheritaunce of my fathers. And he layde him doune vpon hys bed and turned awaye his face, & woulde eate no meate. 5 And then Iezabel his wyfe came to him, and said vnto him: why art thou so frowarde, that thou eatest no meate. 6 And he sayde vnto her: I spake vnto Naboth the Iezrahelite, and sayde vnto him: geue me thy vineyarde for syluer, or else yf thou wilt, I will geue the another vyneyarde for it. And he sayde: I will not geue the my vyneyarde. 7 Then sayde Iezabel hys wyfe vnto hym: what a goodly kingedome were thou able to make in Israel? vp and eate meate and sette thyne herte a rest, for I wyll geue the, the vineyarde of Naboth the Iezrahelite. 8 And she wrote a letter in Ahabs name and sealed it wt hys seale, and sent it vnto the elders and chefe men of his cytie that dwelt where Naboth dwelt. 9 And she wrote in the letter sayinge: proclayme fastyng and set Naboth on hye among the people, 10 and set two vnthriftes before him: and let them testifye agaynst hym sayinge: thou dyddest curse bothe God and the king: & vpon that carie him out & stone hym to death. 11 And the elders and nobles of the cities, whiche dwelt in hys citie, did as Iezabell had sent vnto them, and as it was written in the letter, whiche she had sent vnto them. 12 They proclamed fastynge, and set Naboth an hye amonge the people, 13 and there came in two vnthriftye persones and sate before him. And the two vnthriftye persones wytnesseth agaynst Naboth before the people sayinge: Naboth dyd curse God and the kinge. And vpon the they caryed him out of the cytye and stoned him wyth stones to death. 14 And then they sent to Iezabel saying: Naboth is stoned to death. 15 And when Iezabel hearde that Naboth was stoned to deathe, she said to Ahab: vp and take possession of the vyneiarde of Naboth, the Iezrahelite, whyche he denyed to geue the for syluer, for Naboth is not a liue, but dead. 16 And when Ahab heard that Naboth was dead. He stode vp to go doune to the vineyarde of Naboth the Iezrahelyte, to take possession of it. 17 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto Eliah the Thesbite saying, 18 vp and go doune to mete Ahab kynge of Israel whiche is in Samaria. Behold, he is in the vineiard of Naboth: for he is gone doune thither, to take possession of it. 19 And saye vnto him: thus saith the Lorde, thou hast killed & therto gotten possession. And saie moreouer vnto him, thus sayth the lord: in the place where dogges lapped the bloude of Naboth, shall dogges lappe euen thy bloude also. 20 And Ahab sayd to Eliah: hast thou founde me thine enemy at any time? and he saide: ye, because thou art vtterly geuen to worcke wyckednesse in the syghte of the lord. 21 Beholde, I will brynge euyl vpon the, & wyl make cleane ryddance of the, and wil destroy vnto Ahab all that pysseth agaynste the wal, and yf ought be presoned or forsaken in Israell: 22 and will make thyne house, lyke the house of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, and lyke the house of Baasa the sonne of Ahiah, for the angerynge wherwith thou hast angered, and made Israel synne. 23 And therto against Iezabel came the word of the lorde sayinge: dogges shall eate Iezabell, vnder the walles of Iezrael. 24 And he that dyeth of Ahab in the towne, hym shal dogges eate: and he that dyeth in the feldes, him shall the foules of the ayre eate. 25 For there was none at all lyke Ahab, that was so vtterly geuen to worcke wickednesse in the sight of the Lorde, and that because Iezabel his wyfe prycked hym forwarde. 26 And therfore he dyd exceding abhomynable, in folowynge Idoles, in all thynges lyke as dyd the Ammorites whyche the Lord cast oute before the chyldren of Israel. 27 When Ahab hearde those wordes, he rent his clothes and put sackecloth about his flesh, and fasted, and laye in sack, and went confortlesse. 28 And the word of the lorde came to Eliah the Thesbite sayinge: 29 seyst thou howe Ahab humbleth hym selfe before me? because he so submytteth hym selfe before me, I wil bryng that euil in hys daies: but in his sonnes daies I wyll brynge euyll vpon his house.