Romans 1

JMNT(i) 1 Paul, Jesus Christ’s slave (or: a slave servant of and from [the] Anointed One, Jesus; a slave belonging to Jesus [the] Anointed [= Messiah]), a called person, one sent forth with a mission (or: an ambassador or emissary by invitation), being one having been marked off by boundaries (parted away and determined by bounds; separated away and limited off; delineated; defined) unto God’s good news (or: into a message of goodness and well-being which is God), 2 which He Himself previously promised through His prophets, within [the] set-apart writings (or: holy and sacred Scriptures), 3 about (concerning; with reference to) His Son – the One coming into existence (or: birthing Himself) from out of David’s sperm (or: Davidic seed; = David's descendant), down from and in the line of succession of flesh (or: = in the sphere of the natural realm); 4 the One being bounded (marked off, thus defined; separated, and so designated; divided away, and so determined; or: appointed) God’s Son (or: a Son Who is God; or: a Son from, or having the character and qualities of, God; = God's Regent, cf Ps. 2; 2 Sam. 7:14) immersed within the midst of power and in union with ability, down from (or: corresponding to and on a level with; in the sphere of) a Breath-effect of set-apartness (or: an attitude of holiness and sacredness; a spirit pertaining to being set apart) forth from out of a resurrection (a standing back up again) from among dead folks – Jesus Christ, our Lord (Master and Owner), 5 through Whom we receive grace, as well as a sending off with a mission [leading] unto faith’s obedience (or: obedience that springs from trust and loyalty; [the] paying attention associated with loyal allegiance; or, as apposition: "obedience which faith is" – Rudolf Bultmann) among all the ethnic multitudes, over [the essence, reality and power of] His Name (or: through means of Whom we at one point received a joy-producing act of favor, and then suddenly took in hand a commission as emissaries with a view to a humble and submissive hearkening – along with an appropriate response, which is faith – and a giving-of-the-ear from beneath [Him], with compliant listening and paying attention that has its source in trust and involved commitment, within all the non-Jewish nations for the sake of and in behalf of His Name [and reputation]), 6 within the midst of which peoples (or: among whom) you yourselves are continuously existing, being also called folks of Jesus Christ (or: Jesus Christ’s invited ones) – 7 to (or: for) all those being in Rome: God’s loved ones (folks dearly loved of God), set-apart (holy) called ones, joyous grace and peace to you (or: favor and harmony [= shalom] [are] in and with you) from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: from our Father God, and [the] Master, Jesus Christ; or: from God our Father, even [the] Owner – [the] Anointed Jesus). 8 First, indeed, I am constantly giving thanks to my God (or: expressing the well-being and goodness in the grace and favor by my God) – through Jesus Christ – about (with reference to; concerning) all of you folks, because (or: that) your faith and trust are being repeatedly proclaimed (or: announced) down within (= throughout the midst of) the whole ordered System (world of culture, economy, government and religion; or: = the Roman Empire). 9 For you see, God is my Witness (or: continuously exists being my Evidence) – to and in Whom I continuously render service (or: for Whom I am hired to constantly work), within my spirit (or: in union with my Breath-effect; in my attitude), within His Son’s good news (or: in union with the message of goodness, ease and well-being pertaining to, coming from, having the character of, and which is, His Son) – how unintermittingly (without intervals in between; unceasingly) I am habitually constructing a memory (or: producing a recollection) pertaining to you (or: making mention of you folks), 10 always upon my thoughts and expressions toward having things go well (or: my prayers), continuously requesting (or: asking) if by any means (or: somehow), at length, I shall sometime be prospered along the path within God’s will and purpose to come to you folks and be face to face with you, 11 for I constantly long (or: am increasingly yearning) to see you, to the end that I may share and exchange some spiritual effect of favor with you folks (or: mutually partner in the impartation to you people, and among you, of some gift that is a result of grace and which has its source in the Breath-effect) [leading] into the [situation for] you to be established (firmly settled and made steadfast; stabilized). 12 Now this means to be called together for an interchange of aid, encouragement or consolation among you folks, through the faith and trust within each other – both yours and mine. 13 Yet I do not want you to continue to fail to know (or: be unaware or remain ignorant), brothers (= fellow believers and members of the Family), that I often set before myself (purposed and proposed) to come (or: go) to you – and I was prevented until now (up to this point) – to the end that I may have (or: could hold and enjoy) some fruit within you folks (or: among you), correspondingly as also [I do] within (or: among) the remaining ethnic multitudes (or: the rest of the nations – the non-Israelites; the Gentiles). 14 I am (or: I continue being) a debtor to (or: for; or: with) both Greeks (Hellenists) and to (for; with) barbarians (non-Hellenists: those who do not possess Greek culture); to (or: for; with) both wise ones and to (for; with) those without understanding (unintelligent ones; foolish ones; folks who lack sense). 15 In this condition (or: Thus so) – commensurate with me, the ready (willing; eager) one – [I] myself [desire and intend] to also bring and proclaim (or: announce) the message of goodness, ease and well-being (or: Good News) to and among you folks (or: for you folks) in Rome. 16 For you see, I am not in the habit of being ashamed of (= I am proud of and thrilled about) the Good News (message of goodness, ease and well-being), for it continues being (or: is) God’s power (ability; capacity) [leading] into deliverance (being rescued; salvation; health and wholeness; restoration to the original state and condition) – in everyone (for everyone; to everyone) continuously having faith and trusting (or: believing and relying upon [it]): for (to; in) [the] Jew first, also for (to; in) [the] Greek (or: Hellenist; = non-Jew) – 17 for in It God’s justice (solidarity in fairness and equity; righteousness; [covenantal] qualities of the Way pointed out; way of righting what is wrong; right relationship [with us]; means of turning us in the right direction) is continuously and progressively being unveiled (revealed; disclosed), from out of faith (or: forth from out of the midst of trust and conviction), [proceeding] into faith ([leading] into the midst of trust and conviction), according as it has been written, "But the one righteous (or: just) out-of-faith will himself continue living (or: Yet the Just One will experience life in himself from out of faith; or: Now the one in accord with the Way pointed out from trust, will in himself be living; or: And the person rightwised from out of faith will continuously live; or: So the One being fair and equitable from trust will progressively receive life into Himself from that trust)." [Hab. 2:4] 18 You see, God’s personal emotion (or: inherent fervor; mental bent; natural impulse; teeming desire and swelling passion; temperament; disposition; or: anger; wrath) is continuously and progressively being unveiled (revealed; disclosed) from heaven upon every irreverence (lack of awe or absence of pious fear; disrespect) and injustice (wrong; unrighteousness; situation or act contrary to the Way pointed out) of mankind (or: that arises from humans) – the folks continuously holding down (restraining; stopping while possessing) the Truth (or: reality) in the sphere of (or: within the midst of) injustice (unrighteousness; that which is not right; unfairness and inequality) – 19 simply because the thing experientially known (or: personally knowable; able to be gained by insight) pertaining to God (or: from, and which has its origin in, God; which is God) is continuously made visible (made apparent; manifested by light) within (or: among) them, for God at one point made (or: makes) it visible (manifests it) to them (or: for them; in them; by them; among them). 20 For you see, from [the] creation (framing; founding of order out of chaos; settling) of [the] ordered System (cosmos; universe; or: world of culture, religion and government) His invisible things (unseen [qualities and attributes]) – both His imperceptible (unobservable, but effecting-all) power, ability and capacity, as well as divinity (Godship; God-state) – are habitually seen down the line (or: are normally correspondingly perceived), being continually apprehended (grasped by the mind; mentally conceived) in the results and by the effects of things which are made or done, in order for them to be continuously defenseless (without an excuse), 21 simply because, although at one point experientially knowing God with insight, they did (or: do) not glorify (imagine; esteem; suppose; fancy; conjecture about; hold an opinion of; repute) [Him] as God, or even thank [Him] (or: give thanks in joyously expressing the goodness and well-being inherent in [His] grace and favor). And so in contrast, they were made futile (vain; fruitless; without profit; empty; useless; worthless; subject to a process of meaningless frustration; subject to exercises in futility) in their reasonings (or: thought processes; dialogues; ideas that went throughout in every direction), and their [collective] unintelligent (stupid; unable-to-put-things-together) heart was darkened (= the core of their being was made to experience an absence of light in a dim, shadowy gloom of obscurity [= ignorance]). 22 [So] continuously claiming (asserting; alleging with pretense) to be wise ones, they were made to be dull (sluggish; moronic; stupid; foolish) 23 and they at once changed (or: exchange in barter; make other than it is) the glory (or: splendor and praise-inducing manifestation; or: esteem; opinion; imagination; supposition; thought; appearance; honorable consideration) of the imperishable (un-ruinable; unspoilable and incorruptible; non-decayable) God within the result of a likeness (resemblance; conformed similarity; copy-effect) of an image (form; appearance) of a perishable (corruptible; spoilable) human, as well as of flying things and of four-footed [animals] and of creeping things. 24 Wherefore (or: On which account) God gave (or: hands) them over (or: delivered or delivers them into another's power), within the full passions (or: rushing passionate cravings; added earnest desires, wants and wishes; or: compiled angers and complete wrath) of their hearts, into uncleanness (or: ritual impurity), to be continuously dishonored and shamed – with respect to (or: pertaining to) their bodies – among (or: within) themselves, 25 whichever folks altered or exchange God’s truth (or: the reality from and which is God, and which pertains to God) to and for something else, within (or: in union with) The Lie, then were adored and venerated with dread, and next rendered religious service to and for the creation (or: creature; or: forming, framing, founding and settling which brought order from chaos) alongside (or: to the side of; parallel to; or: = rather than) the Creator (The One framing and founding) Who is (continuously exists being) well spoken of (praised; blessed; eulogized; or: is One filled with thoughts of goodness and well-being) on into the ages. It is so (Amen)! 26 Because of this (or: Wherefore) God gave, or hands, them over (delivered, or delivers, them into the power of someone else) into experiences of dishonor (or: ignoble sufferings; situations of being unvalued; unworthy passions), for even their females at one point altered (or: alter; change or exchange) the natural use into the [use which is] off to the side of (or: beside; = other than) nature (or: a natural condition; natural production; a generated situation). 27 And likewise (or: So in like manner) also the males, sending away (or: abandoning; leaving) the natural use of the female, were set aflame within their cravings unto (or: into) one another; males in (or among) males continuously producing (accomplishing; effecting; working down) shameless indecency, and constantly taking away (or: receiving back) the necessary retribution (return compensation; the opposite of a reward; the anti-payment) of their wandering (or: the corresponding wage which is binding, pertaining to their straying and deception) within the midst of, or among, themselves. 28 And then, correspondingly as they did not (or: to the same degree as they do not) put God to the proof and so approve [Him] as fit and suitable, to be continuously holding [Him] within full experiential knowledge (or: having [Him] in union with added intimate insight; or: possessing [Him] in recognition and acknowledgment), God gave them over (hands or delivers them) into a mind which fails to meet the test (a disqualified mind) to continuously do (practice; make) things that consistently are not fitting (not reaching the proper level), 29 being people having been filled with all injustice – so that they are now full of every inequity and unfairness which lacks rightwised relationships and right actions – [as well as] worthlessness (or: criminality; unprofitableness; badness of condition; misery-gushed existence), inordinate, anti-social desire for more (or: ruthless, aggressive and self-assertive greed for advantage), ugliness (poorness of quality; malice); folks very full of (or: replete with) jealousy and envy, murder, strife (or: contentiousness), bait for entrapment, [and] with a settled habit of evil and a disposition of depravity. 30 [They are] whisperers (or: gossipers), slanderers, haters (detesters) of God, overbearing and outrageous folks, haughty and arrogant people, ostentatious and vainglorious ones, inventors of ugly, worthless and bad things, [being] incompliant (stubborn; disobedient) to parents, 31 unintelligent (stupid; unable to cause things to flow together), covenant-breakers (or: folks bound by no arrangement or who are false to agreements; not put-together), folks without natural affection, people unwilling to make a treaty (or: implacable), unmerciful folks, 32 those who, fully knowing by experience (being fully aware of) the effect of God’s justice (or: the result of God's fairness and equity; or: the result of what is right, from the way pointed out, which is God; or: God's decree of the Way pointed out) – that those continually performing (committing; executing) such things are folks deserving (worthy; of equivalent value) of death – not only keep on doing the same things, but also are constantly mutually approving, taking pleasure in and consenting with those habitually performing (or: committing; practicing) them.