Colossians 2:18

JMNT(i) 18 Let no one be acting as an umpire, or an arbiter in the public games, so as to decide down against you, or to disqualify you, in regard to the prize (or: to award the prize [to you] unjustly – Eduard Lohse) – in lowness of understanding, intellect, frame of mind and deportment, continuously wanting [you] also [to be] in ritual-relating to the agents (or: constantly delighting in religious activity originating from the messengers [note: e.g., old covenant rituals]; or: repeatedly taking pleasure by cultic religious service about, or external worship of or through the "angels"), while continuously stepping randomly and rashly into (or: entering purposelessly, thoughtlessly or feignedly into; or: = being initiated into) things which he has [other MSS: he has not] seen [note: this may refer to being initiated into cultic secrets or mysteries], progressively being made natural and instinctual by the inner senses and perceptions of his flesh (or: habitually being puffed up under [the influence of] the mind of his flesh [= his natural abilities and conditions, or by his alienated self, or by the human nature that has been conformed to the System]),