Acts 24

JMNT(i) 1 Now after five days, Ananias the chief (or: ruling) priest came down (or: descended; or: walked down) with a group of older men (or: elders) and Tertullus, a certain forensic orator (or: lawyer; barrister; advocate), who as a group brought things to light (or: gave information; = gave evidence and presented their case) against Paul to the governor. 2 So, at his [i.e., Paul's] being called, Tertullus began to proceed in making accusation, by saying, "Happening upon and continuing to experience (or: enjoy) much peace and tranquility through you, as well as [the] effects of reforms (the results of the setting-right of situations and conditions) continually taking place in and for this nation through your forethought – both in every [way] (or: at all [times]) and in all places – 3 "we continue receiving from [this] and welcomingly accept [it] with all thankfulness and the goodness of favor, O most strong and mighty Felix! 4 "Now, so that I should not cut-in on or interrupt you any further (or: detain you any longer), I am now entreating you, in your abundant reasonableness, to listen to us briefly. 5 "You see, [we have been] finding this man [to be] a plague and a pest – also repeatedly putting insurrections in motion among the Jews down through the inhabited land (= the Empire), besides [being] a spearhead (or: ringleader; one standing in the first rank) of the sect (or: party; or: heresy) of the Nazarenes, 6 "who also tried to profane (ritually defile; desecrate) the Temple, whom also we seized. 7 [note: 6b through 8a not found in early MSS and omitted by most texts; found in TR; bracketed by Griesbach; represented only by E and later MSS which add: "and intended to judge according to our Law. But Lysias, the commander, upon arriving with a great force, led {him} away out of our hands, commanding his accusers to come and appear before you] 8 "from whose [i.e., Paul's] presence at your side, you yourself, by examining and again judging, will be able to fully come to know in person about all of these things of which we ourselves continue accusing him." 9 With that, the Jews also joined together in the attack (or: the charge; the indictment), continuing in alleging these things to continue holding thus (= to be true). 10 Following this, with the governor nodding to him to be now speaking, Paul gave a discerning response: "Being fully versed in the knowledge of you being a judge of this nation for many years, in a good spirit and with passion I readily proceed making a defense about the things concerning myself. 11 "With your being able to fully recognize and verify for yourself that for me there have not been more than twelve days since I walked up into Jerusalem, intending to be worshiping, 12 "and that they found me – neither within the Temple complex, nor within the synagogues, nor down through the city – neither dialoging or arguing with anyone, nor in the act of creating a tumult by collecting folks to be taking a stand on some issue, and thus making a mob of the crowd. 13 "Nor even are they now able to substantiate to you (or: set beside you [evidence]) concerning that for which at this time they continue accusing me. 14 "Yet this I now speak in agreement (or: confess) to you, that according to the Way (or: corresponding to the Path) – which they are normally calling a sect (or: maintaining [to be] a party; or: terming heresy) – in this way am I habitually performing sacred service to the God of (or: pertaining to) the fathers (or: the ancestral God), constantly trusting, believing and being loyal to all the things corresponding to the Law (= the Torah) and having been written within the Prophets – 15 "habitually holding (or: constantly having) an expectation [directed] into [other MSS: with a view toward] God, which also these men themselves continue anticipating and entertaining: there presently continues to be impending a resurrection that is going to be of both fair and equitable people as well as of unfair and inequitable folks (or: there now is about to be a resurrection. It is going to be both of rightwised folks who are in right relationship in the Way pointed out, and of unrightwised folks who are not in right relationship nor in union with the Way pointed out). 16 "Within this I myself also habitually exercise, exert myself, train and make endeavors: to be constantly having (or: habitually holding) a conscience free from striking toward [others], being inoffensive to God as well as [to] humanity – through all [situations] and at all [times]. 17 "So intending, through the midst of more years, to make gifts of mercy and offerings unto my nation (or: ethnic group), I finally arrived and was present, 18 "within which [activities] they found me, having been ceremonially purified, within the Temple complex – not with a crowd, nor with a tumult or uproar! 19 "But [there were] certain Jews from the [province of] Asia for whom it continued binding to be present before you, and to be making accusations – if they might continue having anything against me. 20 "Or else let these men themselves say what result of wrong-doing, injustice, injury or unfairness they found at my standing before the Sanhedrin (Jewish High Council), 21 "other than about this one voice with which I cried out, standing in the midst of them: 'Concerning a resurrection of dead people I myself am presently being judged (or: separated for a decision) today, before you people!'" 22 However, Felix, perceiving more exactly and being acquainted more accurately with the matters concerning the Way (or: the Path), thrust them back from himself (= postponed and adjourned the proceedings, putting them off), saying, "Whenever Lysias the commander can come down I will continue more thoroughly coming to know the matters involving you folks." 23 Making precise arrangements with the centurion, [he] was giving orders for him to be kept in custody and maintained, besides to continue having a relaxation [in regard to confinement] with both ease for refreshing and privileges, as well as to continue preventing (or: hindering) no one of his friends to regularly attend to him and give him assistance. 24 So after some days, Felix, happening by with Drusilla his wife – [she] being a Jewess, sent for Paul and then heard from him about the faith, trust and loyalty [being placed] into Christ Jesus (or: [the] Anointed Jesus; = Jesus the Messiah). 25 Yet during his dialoging and discoursing about fairness and equity (rightwised behavior and right relationships within the Way pointed out; also: = covenant inclusion and participation), inner strength and self-control, and then the impending effect of judgment (separation which is about to result in a decision), Felix – coming to be alarmed with inner fear – gave a decided response: "For the present, be now going your way while continuing to hold this [subject]. Now then, upon getting a fitting opportunity with [you], I will keep on calling for you," 26at the same time continuing in expecting that money (or: the effect of something useful; = a bribe) will be given to him by Paul, on account of which, repeatedly sending for him even more frequently, he kept on conversing with him. 27 Now with two years being fulfilled (= at the end of two years), Felix received a successor, Porcius Festus. Yet continuing in desiring to lay up favor for himself with the Jews, Felix left Paul behind imprisoned (or: bound).