2 Corinthians 12:7

JMNT(i) 7 And now, in the excess of the unveilings (or: with the transcendence of the revelations; by the extraordinary amount and surpassing nature of the disclosures), through this [situation] and for this reason – so that I could not be progressively exalted (or: would not continue being overly lifted up [in myself or by others]) – something with [its] point in [my] flesh is given in me (or: an impaling-stake for the human nature was given for me; or: a thorn to the natural realm, and a splinter by alienated humanity, was assigned to me): an agent of (or: a messenger from) the adversary, to the end that he (or: it) could (or: should; would) repeatedly beat me in the face (or: slap me on the ear) with his (or: its) fist. [comment: this personification of the irritation may well be metaphorical and may refer to his social or cultural-religious situation]