1 Corinthians 6

JMNT(i) 1 Does anyone of you folks [who] are continuing holding a result of some deed done (or: the effect of a practice) toward someone else (or: are now having a business transaction focused toward another; continue in having a dispute or law-suit proceeding toward the different person) now dare or boldly presume to continue to be judged upon the basis (or: = in the place or court) of unjust folks (people who are unfair and are not in the way pointed out; = those outside the called-out community), and not upon the [basis; place; court] of the set-apart folks (the saints; the holy ones)? 2 Or have you not seen so as to know that the set-apart folks (the saints; the holy, sacred people; the different-from-the-profane folks) will proceed to sift, separate, evaluate and decide about the organized System (the world of culture, religion and government; or: secular society; or: = the Roman Empire)? So since (or: if) within the midst of, among and in union with you folks the world System is to be habitually (progressively; repeatedly) evaluated and judged, are you people unworthy or unfit in regard to deciding about very trivial controversies (or: not of equal value to the smallest standards by which to sift and evaluate; or: of [holding the] least tribunals or places for court)? 3 Have you not seen so as to know that we shall continue sifting, separating, evaluating and making decisions about agents (or: will continue judging messengers) – why not, indeed, the affairs and business matters of everyday life? 4 Indeed, therefore, if you may continue having tribunals (places or situations for trying things; or: standards for evaluating controversies) pertaining to life's affairs and business matters, make it a practice to seat [as judges] those in the local called-out community [who] have been regarded as amounting to nothing and are treated with contempt and scorn (those least esteemed and of humble station in life). (or, as a question: are you making it a practice to seat [as judges] those looked down upon in the congregation?) 5 I am saying [this] to direct you folks toward turning back within [your community or yourself, and so, to reconsider]. Is there thus not one wise man (a man skilled with insight) among you folks who will continue able to thoroughly sift and hold up [things] for evaluation and decision (to adjudicate back) in his brother's midst? 6 But to the contrary, a brother is constantly being brought to court (sued; judged; evaluated and decided about) with a brother (= by a fellow believer; or: member of the same family) – and this upon [the basis and situation] of unbelievers! 7 Indeed, it is already (or: to begin with [= even before going to court]) therefore wholly an effect of a lessened condition in (a result of a diminishing from an overthrow for) you folks – that you continue having lawsuits with one another. Why not rather continue suffering wrong (or: be repeatedly treated unfairly and unjustly)? Why not rather continue being defrauded (or: being deprived from; or, as a middle: allowing yourselves to be cheated)? 8 Yet instead, you yourselves are constantly committing wrong (being unfair and unjust; living contrary to the Way pointed out) and are repeatedly defrauding (cheating; depriving from [someone]) – and this [to] brothers (= fellow believers; = members of the Family)! 9 Or have you not seen so as to know that unfair (unjust; inequitable; wrongly-turned) folks will not proceed to inherit a kingdom from God (or: receive an allotment in God's sovereign reign or activities)? Do not be repeatedly misled or constantly caused to wander (or: be deceived). Neither sexually licentious folks (paramours; fornicators), nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor unmanly (effeminate; men who wear soft, delicate clothes; catamites; men or boys who allow themselves to be used homosexually), nor men who lie with and have sexual intercourse with males, 10 nor thieves, nor greedy (covetous) ones; not drunkards, not verbal abusers, not people who ravenously snatch, swindle or extort, will proceed to inherit a kingdom from God (or: will continue in receiving an allotment in God's sovereign reign and activities). 11 And some of you were these things. But now you folks bathed yourselves off (took a bath to cleanse things away). But further, you were set apart (made holy; sanctified). But also you were rightwised and placed in the Way pointed out (turned in the right direction, made fair and equitable, and then joined in right relationship with God and mankind; = put in covenant) in union with and within the midst of the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ – even in union with and within the midst of the Spirit of (or: Breath-effect and Attitude which is) our God! 12 Everything is presently out-of-Being (or: authorized; allowed; permitted) to me and for me. But yet not everything proceeds to bear together for advantage, profit or help. Everything is authorized, permitted and out of [His] Being, but still I myself will not proceed in being brought under authority by anyone. (or: With and to me, all humanity is from the source of Being, and continues with right and privilege. However, all humanity is not habitually carrying together. With and to me, all humanity is from the source of Being, and continues with right and privilege, nonetheless, I will not continue being put in subjection to rights and privileges under any person or under any certain thing, pertaining to me.: or: Everyone has rights with me, but on the other hand, not all things are advantageous. Everyone has privilege with me, although, as for me, I will not proceed in being subdued under anyone's privilege.) 13 The foods (The things eaten) [are meant] for the stomach, and the stomach [is meant] for the things eaten, yet God will make both it and them useless and unprofitable (or: will also bring this and these down to being idle). Now the body [is] not for prostitution (or: sexual immorality; or: = idolatry), but rather for the Lord – and further, the Lord [is] in (or: for; with) the body. 14 Yet God both aroused (awakened) and raised up the Lord, and He is presently and progressively (or: one-after-another repeatedly) arousing and raising us up [reading with p11.46*, A, D*, P and others; or: p46c2, B and others read: He suddenly aroused and raised us up (or: at one point arouses and raises us up); or: p46c1, Aleph, C, D2 and others read: He will continue raising us up] through His power and ability. 15 Have you folks not seen so as to know that your [other MSS: our] bodies are (exist being) members (body parts) of Christ? Upon lifting up and carrying off (or: bearing away) the members (body parts) of the Christ, will I proceed (or: should or could I) then in making [them] members (body parts) of a prostitute? May it not come to be or happen (= Heaven forbid; = No way)! 16 Or, have you folks not seen so as to know that the man continually joining himself (or: being habitually glued in intimate union) to (or: in) a prostitute exists being one body [with her]? For, He says, "The two will continue existing, being [joined] into one flesh." [Gen. 2:24] 17 Now the person continually joining himself (or: being habitually glued in intimate union; in himself being continuously welded) to (or: in; with) the Lord exists being one spirit (or: one Breath-effect). 18 Constantly flee (Repeatedly take flight [from]) the prostitution. [note: this would also apply to idolatry in pagan temples which used prostitutes as part of the idol worship] The effect (or: result) of every sin (failure to hit the target; error; mistake) – whatsoever a person may do – exists being outside of the body. Yet the one habitually committing prostitution (practicing sexual immorality) is habitually sinning (sowing errors and mistakes) into his own body. [note: both his physical body, and the body of the called-out community] 19 Or, have you folks not seen so as to know that your body (or: the body of you folks) is a temple of the set-apart spirit (or: a sanctuary belonging to the Holy Spirit; a holy place and a holy of holies which pertains to the Sacred Breath; or: that the body, which is you folks, exists being a divine habitation which has the qualities and characteristics of the Holy Attitude) – within the midst of you (or: in union with you folks; or: among you people) – which you people constantly hold and progressively possess from God? And further, you are not folks belonging to yourselves (or: Also then, you people do not exist from yourselves), 20 for you people were bought, as at a marketplace: [there was] value and honor involved in the price (or: [you are] of value) (or: = for you were bought and paid for; or: for from a valuable price you folks were bought at market). By all means then, glorify God (bring a good reputation to God; manifest that which calls forth praise to God) within your body (or: within the midst of the body which you folks are)!