1 Corinthians 5

JMNT(i) 1 It is actually (or: generally; everywhere) being repeatedly heard [that there is] sexual immorality (in this case: incest) among you folks – and such a sort of sexual misconduct which is not even being mentioned (or: named) among the ethnic multitudes (nations; non-Jewish groups): so as someone continues to hold (or: have) [his] father's woman (or: wife; or, thus: [his] stepmother)! 2 And now you folks, yourselves, have been puffed up and remain inflated with pride! And still you do not rather mourn and grieve (or: lament and express sorrow), so that the man performing this act would (or: that the man practicing this deed should) at once be caused to depart (or: be lifted or picked up; be taken away) from out of your midst. 3 For I myself, indeed, continuing being absent – in the body – yet continuously being present alongside – in (or: by; with) the spirit (or: Breath-effect; or: attitude) – have, as being present, already sifted, evaluated and decided about the man thus working down to this effect: 4 [upon] your being gathered together within (or: centered in) the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and together with my spirit (or: attitude) in the power and ability of our Lord Jesus, 5 [you are] to hand over such a man, with the adversarial [spirit] (or: in the adversary; by the opponent; or: to satan), into a loss of the flesh (or: an undoing and destruction of this [estranged human nature]; a loss of [his “dominated existence” – Walter Wink]) – to the end that the spirit may be saved (rescued; delivered; restored to health, wholeness and its original state and condition): within the midst of and in union with the Day of the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh; other MSS add: Jesus; others read: our Lord, Jesus Christ]. 6 The effect of your boast is not beautiful, fine, ideal or good form. Have you not seen so as to know that a little leaven (or: yeast) progressively leavens (permeates) [the] whole lump of dough (the result of that which has been uniformly mixed and kneaded together)? 7 At once completely clean out the old leaven, so that you folks would progressively be a fresh, new lump of dough with uniform mix-effect, just as you are free from ferment (or: in that you have continued being an aggregation which has been freshly mixed and kneaded together – correspondingly as you are continuing being unleavened ones). For also Christ, our Passover [= Passover lamb], was slaughtered in sacrifice. 8 Consequently, we can (or: should) be continuously keeping and celebrating the Feast (Festival) – not in union with old leaven (or: leftover yeast), neither in union with or in the midst of a leaven of bad quality (worthlessness; ugliness; what ought not to be; malice) and painful misery (hard labor; evil disposition; mischief; wickedness) – but in contrast, in union with and in the midst of unleavened cakes (matzah) of genuineness (or: integrity and sincerity; that which has been tested by sunlight and found to be genuine or pure and unadulterated) as well as truth and unhidden reality. 9 I wrote to you folks, in the letter: not to keep on mixing yourselves together again with men who make a practice of whoring, or who are male prostitutes (or: not to be repeatedly intermingled again with male paramours who sell themselves) – 10 and [I am] not wholly or altogether [referring] to this world's (or: secular society's) fornicators or male paramours (or: the male prostitutes of this cultural, religious and political system [note: the concept of sexual misconduct also has a figurative aspect in Scripture, denoting unfaithfulness to God]); or to those who are greedy and want to have more than, and to take advantage of, others and/or [are] folks who snatch things away, as extortionists; or [who are] idolaters (or: hirelings of the idols). Otherwise, in that case, you folks continue under obligation to consequently exit the System (go forth from out of the midst of the world of religion, culture and society) – 11 yet at this time (or: so now) I write for you folks not to continue mixing yourselves back together with anyone being regularly recognized as (usually designated; habitually named or called) a "brother," if he should continue being a paramour (a sexually licentious man, or one who deals with prostitutes or who sells himself for sex), or a covetous and greedy person, or an idolater, or a verbally abusive one, or a drunkard, or a snatching one (or: an extortioner) – to not even be habitually eating with such a person. 12 For what [right is it] for me to be making decisions about or judging those [who are] "outside"? Are you yourselves not repeatedly sifting and critiquing (or: separating and judging) those "inside"? Now those "outside" God habitually sifts and makes decisions about (judges). 13 "Lift up out and carry forth (Expel; Remove) the degenerate person (the worthless, base or evil one who brings pain and misery) out of the midst of yourselves." [Deut. 13:6; 17:7; etc.]