Zechariah 9:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H5493 והסרתי And I will take away H1818 דמיו his blood H6310 מפיו out of his mouth, H8251 ושׁקציו and his abominations H996 מבין from between H8127 שׁניו his teeth: H7604 ונשׁאר but he that remaineth, H1571 גם even H1931 הוא he, H430 לאלהינו for our God, H1961 והיה and he shall be H441 כאלף as a governor H3063 ביהודה in Judah, H6138 ועקרון and Ekron H2983 כיבוסי׃ as a Jebusite.