Numbers 5:13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  13 H7901 ושׁכב lie H376 אישׁ And a man H854 אתה with H7902 שׁכבת her carnally, H2233 זרע her carnally, H5956 ונעלם and it be hid H5869 מעיני from the eyes H376 אישׁה of her husband, H5641 ונסתרה and be kept close, H1931 והיא and she H2930 נטמאה be defiled, H5707 ועד witness H369 אין and no H1931 בה והוא she H3808 לא against her, neither H8610 נתפשׂה׃ be taken