Numbers 16:27

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  27 H5927 ויעלו So they got up H5921 מעל from H4908 משׁכן the tabernacle H7141 קרח of Korah, H1885 דתן Dathan, H48 ואבירם and Abiram, H5439 מסביב on every side: H1885 ודתן and Dathan H48 ואבירם and Abiram H3318 יצאו came out, H5324 נצבים and stood H6607 פתח in the door H168 אהליהם of their tents, H802 ונשׁיהם and their wives, H1121 ובניהם and their sons, H2945 וטפם׃ and their little children.