Daniel 6:17

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  17 H858 והיתית was brought, H69 אבן stone H2298 חדה And a H7761 ושׂמת and laid H5922 על upon H6433 פם the mouth H1358 גבא of the den; H2857 וחתמה sealed H4430 מלכא and the king H5824 בעזקתה it with his own signet, H5824 ובעזקת and with the signet H7261 רברבנוהי of his lords; H1768 די that H3809 לא might not H8133 תשׁנא be changed H6640 צבו the purpose H1841 בדניאל׃ concerning Daniel.