Daniel 3:27

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  27 H3673 ומתכנשׁין being gathered together, H324 אחשׁדרפניא And the princes, H5460 סגניא governors, H6347 ופחותא and captains, H1907 והדברי counselors, H4430 מלכא and the king's H2370 חזין saw H1400 לגבריא men, H479 אלך these H1768 די upon whose H3809 לא had no power, H7981 שׁלט had no power, H5135 נורא the fire H1655 בגשׁמהון bodies H8177 ושׂער was a hair H7217 ראשׁהון of their head H3809 לא nor H2761 התחרך singed, H5622 וסרבליהון were their coats H3809 לא neither H8133 שׁנו changed, H7382 וריח the smell H5135 נור of fire H3809 לא nor H5709 עדת׃ had passed