2 Chronicles 23:18

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  18 H7760 וישׂם appointed H3077 יהוידע Also Jehoiada H6486 פקדת the offices H1004 בית of the house H3068 יהוה of the LORD H3027 ביד by the hand H3548 הכהנים of the priests H3881 הלוים the Levites, H834 אשׁר whom H2505 חלק had distributed H1732 דויד David H5921 על in H1004 בית the house H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H5927 להעלות to offer H5930 עלות the burnt offerings H3068 יהוה of the LORD, H3789 ככתוב as written H8451 בתורת in the law H4872 משׁה of Moses, H8057 בשׂמחה with rejoicing H7892 ובשׁיר and with singing, H5921 על by H3027 ידי by H1732 דויד׃ David.