Hebrews 9:26

  26 G1893 επει Since G1163 (G5900) εδει It Was Necessary For G846 αυτον Him G4178 πολλακις Often G3958 (G5629) παθειν To Have Suffered G575 απο From "the" G2602 καταβολης Foundation G2889 κοσμου Of "the" World. G3568 νυν   G1161 δε But Now G530 απαξ Once G1909 επι In G4930 συντελεια "the" Consummation G3588 των Of The G165 αιωνων Ages, G1519 εις For "the" G115 αθετησιν Putting Away G266 αμαρτιας Of Sin G1223 δια By G3588 της   G2378 θυσιας   G846 αυτου His Sacrifice G5319 (G5769) πεφανερωται Ha Has Been Manifested.