Hebrews 9:26

   26 G1893 CONJ επει Since G1163 V-IQI-3S εδει It Was Necessary For G846 P-ASM αυτον Him G3958 V-2AAN παθειν To Suffer G4178 ADV πολλακις Often G575 PREP απο From G2602 N-GSF καταβολης Foundation G2889 N-GSM κοσμου Of World G1161 CONJ δε But G3568 ADV νυν Now G530 ADV απαξ Once G1909 PREP επι At G4930 N-DSF συντελεια End G3588 T-GPM των Of Thos G165 N-GPM αιωνων Ages G5319 V-RPI-3S πεφανερωται He Was Made Known G1519 PREP εις For G115 N-ASF αθετησιν Annulment G266 N-GSF αμαρτιας Of Sin G1223 PREP δια By G3588 T-GSF της Tha G2378 N-GSF θυσιας Sacrifice G846 F-GSM αυτου Of Himself