1 Peter 4:17

  17 G3754 οτι Because G3588 ο The G2540 καιρος   G3588 του Time "for" G756 (G5670) αρξασθαι To Have Begun G3588 το The G2917 κριμα Judgment G575 απο From G3588 του The G3624 οικου   G3588 του House G2316 θεου Of God " Is Come "; G1487 ει   G1161 δε But If G4412 πρωτον First G575 αφ From G2257 ημων Us, G5101 τι What G3588 το The G5056 τελος End G3588 των Of Those G544 (G5723) απειθουντων Disobeying G3588 τω   G3588 του The G2316 θεου Of God G2098 ευαγγελιω Glad Tidings?