Ezekiel 42

Great(i) 1 Then caryed he me out into the fore court towarde the north, & brought me into the chambre that stode oueragaynst the backbuyldinge north ward, which had the length of an .C. cubytes: whose dore turned toward the north. 2 The wydenes conteyned .l. cubytes: 3 oueragaynst the .xx. cubytes of the ynnermer court, and agaynst the paued worke that was in the court, besyde all these thre, ther stode pillers, one oueragaynst another: 4 And before thys chambre there was a walkyng place of .x. cubites wyde, and within was a waye of one cubite wyde and their dores towarde the north. 5 Thus the hyest chambres were alwaye narower then the lowest and myddelmost of the buyldynge: 6 for they bare chambre vpon chambre, and stode thre together one vpon another, not hauyng pillers lyke the fore court: therfore were they smaller then those beneth and in the middest to reken from the grounde vpwarde. 7 The wall without that stode by the chambres towarde the vtmost court vpon the fore syde of the chambres, was .l. cubytes longe: 8 for the length of the vtmost chambres in the fore court was .l. cubytes also: but the length therof before the temple was an .C. cubytes. 9 These chambres had vnder them an intraunce of the east syde, wherby a man myght go in to them out of the fore court, 10 thorowe the thicke wall of the fore court towarde the east, ryght oueragaynst the separated buylding. 11 Before the same buyldyng vpon thys syde, there were chambres also which had a waye vnto them, lyke as the chambre on the north syde of the same length and wydenesse. Theyr intraunce, fashyon and dores were also of the same maner. 12 Yee, euen lyke as the other chambre dores were: so were those also of the south syde. And before the waye towarde the syngers steppes on the east syde, there stode a dore to go in at. 13 Then sayde he vnto me: The chambers towarde the north & the south which stande before the backe buyldynge: those be holy habytatyons, wherein the prestes that do seruyce before the Lorde, must eate the most holy offeringes: and there must they laye the most holy offeringes, meatofferynges, synne offerynges, and trespace offerynges: for it is an holy place. 14 When the prestes come therin, they shall not go out into the fore courte: but (seynge they be holy) they shall leaue the clothes of their ministracyon, and put on other garmentes, when they haue any thyng to do with the people. 15 Nowe when he had measured all the ynnermer house, he brought me forth thorowe the east porte, and measured the same rounde about. 16 He measured the east syde with the meterode, which rounde about conteyned .v.C. meteroddes: 17 And the north syde measured he which conteyned rounde about euen so moch. 18 The other two sydes also towarde the south 19 and the west, which he measured, conteyned ether of them .v.C. meteroddes. 20 So he measured all the foure sydes, where there went a wall rounde about .v.C. meteroddes longe, and as broade also which separated the holy from the vnholy.