Judges 19

ECB(i) 1
And so be it, in those days, there is no sovereign in Yisra El, and there is a man - a Leviy sojourning on the flank of mount Ephrayim, who takes a woman - a concubine from Beth Lechem Yah Hudah: 2 and his concubine whores against him; and goes from him to the house of her father to Beth Lechem Yah Hudah; and she is there four months of days: 3 and her man rises and goes after her to word to her heart to return, having his lad and a pair of he burros with him: and she brings him into the house of her father: and when the father of the lass sees him, he cheers to meet him. 4 And his father in law, the father of the lass, holds him; and he settles with him three days: so they eat and drink and stay overnight. 5 And so be it, on the fourth day, they start early in the morning; and as he rises to go, the father of the lass says to his son in law, Support your heart with a morsel of bread and afterward go your way. 6 And they settle and eat and drink - both of them together: and the father of the lass says to the man, I beseech you, to will to stay overnight and to well-please your heart. 7 And the man rises to go, and his father in law urges him; and he returns and stays overnight: 8 and on the fifth day he starts early in the morning to go; and the father of the lass says, Support your heart, I beseech you. - and they linger until the day declines; and they both eat. 9 And the man rises to go - he and his concubine and his servant, and his father in law, the father of the lass, says to him, Behold, now the day slackens toward evening, I beseech you, stay overnight; behold, the day encamps, stay here overnight, to well-please your heart; and tomorrow start early on your way, to go to your tent. 10 And the man wills to not stay overnight, and he rises and goes and comes over against Yebus which is Yeru Shalem: and there are a pair of harnessed he burros with him, and his concubine is with him. 11 And they are by Yebus, and the day subdues mightily; and the lad says to his adoni, Come, I beseech you, turn in into this city of the Yebusiy and stay overnight therein. 12 And his adoni says to him, We turn not aside into the city of a stranger who is not of the sons of Yisra El: but we pass over to Gibah. 13 And he says to his lad, Come and approach one of these places to stay overnight - in Gibah, or in Ramah. 14 And they pass on and go their way; and the sun goes down on them beside Gibah, which is to Ben Yamin: 15 and they turn aside to go in and to stay overnight in Gibah: and when he goes in, he seats himself in a broadway of the city: for no man gathers them into his house to stay overnight: 16 and behold, an old man comes from his work from the field at evening - a man of mount Ephrayim who sojourns in Gibah: and the men of the place are Ben Yaminiy. 17 And he lifts his eyes, and sees a caravan, a man in the broadway of the city: and the old man says, Whither go you? and whence come you? 18 And he says to him, We pass from Beth Lechem Yah Hudah toward the flank of mount Ephrayim from whence I am: and I go to Beth Lechem Yah Hudah, and I go to the house of Yah Veh; and no man gathers me to his house. 19 And there are yet both straw and provender for our he burros; and bread and wine for me and for your maid and for the young man with your lads: there is no lack of any word. 20 And the old man says, Shalom to you; only, all your lacks be on me; only, stay not overnight in the broadway. 21 So he brings him into his house and fodders the he burros: and they baptize their feet and eat and drink. 22
They well-prepare their hearts, and behold, the men of the city - men - sons of Beli Yaal beset the house all around and beat at the door and say to the man of the house - the old man, saying, Bring forth the man who came into your house, that we may know him. 23 And the man - the master of the house goes out to them and says to them, No, my brothers, I beseech you, vilify not; after this man comes into my house, work not this folly. 24 Behold, my daughter - a virgin and his concubine; I bring them out now: abase them and work with them as seems good in your eyes: but work not this word of folly to this man. 25 And the men will to not hearken to him: so the man holds his concubine and brings her out to them; and they know her and exploit her all night until morning: and when the dawn ascends, they send her away. 26 Then the woman comes at the turning of the face of the morning and falls at the portal of the house of the man where her adoni is, until it is light. 27 And her adoni rises in the morning and opens the doors of the house and goes out to go his way: and behold, the woman his concubine fallen at the portal of the house - her hands on the threshold. 28 And he says to her, Rise and we go. - and there is no answer. And the man takes her on a he burro and the man rises and goes to his place: 29 and he comes into his house and takes a knife and lays hold on his concubine and dismembers her with her bones into twelve members; and sends her into all the borders of Yisra El. 30 And so be it, all who see it, say, Thus has neither been nor seen from the day the sons of Yisra El ascended from the land of Misrayim to this day! Set on it! Consult and word!