Proverbs 3

Coverdale(i) 1 My sonne, forget not my lawe, but se yt thine hert kepe my comaundemetes. 2 For they shal prologe ye dayes & yeares of yi lyfe, & brynge ye peace. 3 Let mercy & faithfulnes neuer go from ye: bynde the about yi necke, & wryte them in the tables of thine herte. 4 So shalt thou fynde fauor and good vnderstondinge in ye sight of God and men. 5 Put thy trust in ye LORDE with all thine herte, and leane not vnto thine owne vnderstondinge. 6 In all thy wayes haue respecte vnto him, and he shal ordre thy goinges. 7 Be not wyse in thine owne conceate, but feare ye LORDE and departe from euell: 8 so shal thy nauel be whole, and thy bones stronge. 9 Honoure the LORDE wt yi substaunce, & wt ye firstlinges of all thine encrease: 10 so shal thy barnes be fylled with plenteousnesse, and thy presses shal flowe ouer with swete wyne. 11 My sonne, despyse not the chastenynge of ye LORDE, nether faynte when thou art rebuked of him. 12 For who the LORDE loueth, him he chasteneth: and yet delyteth in him euen as a father in his owne sonne. 13 Well is him that fyndeth wy?dome, & opteyneth vnderstondinge, 14 for the gettinge of it is better then eny marchaundise of syluer, & the profit of it is better then golde. 15 Wy?dome is more worth the precious stones, & all ye thinges yt thou canst desyre, are not to be compared vnto her. 16 Vpon hir right hande is longe life, & vpon hir left hande is riches & honor. 17 Hir wayes are pleasaunt wayes, and all hir pathes are peaceable. 18 She is a tre of life to them that laye holde vpon her, and blessed are they that kepe her fast. 19 With wy?dome hath ye LORDE layed the foudacion of ye earth, & thorow vnderstondinge hath he stablished ye heaues. 20 Thorow his wi?dome ye depthes breake vp, & ye cloudes droppe downe the dew. 21 My sonne, let not these thinges departe from thyne eyes, but kepe my lawe and my councell: 22 so shal it be life vnto thy soule, & grace vnto yi mouth. 23 Then shalt thou walke safely in yi waye, & thy fote shal not stomble. 24 Yf thou slepest, thou shalt not be afrayed, but shalt take thy rest & slepe swetely. 25 Thou neddest not to be afrayed of eny sodane feare, nether for the violent russhinge in of the vngodly, when it commeth. 26 For the LORDE shal be besyde the, & kepe thy fote yt thou be not taken. 27 Refuse not to do good vnto him that shulde haue it, so longe as thine hande is able to do it. 28 Saye not vnto thy neghboure: go thy waye & come agayne, tomorow wil I geue the: 29 where as thou hast now to geue him. Intende no hurte vnto thy neghboure, seynge he hopeth to dwell in rest by the. 30 Stryue not lightly wt eny man, where as he hath done ye no harme. 31 Folowe not a wicked man, and chose none of his wayes: 32 for the LORDE abhorreth the frowarde, but his secrete is amonge the righteous. 33 The curse of the LORDE is in the house of the vngodly, but he blesseth the dwellinges of the righteous. 34 As for the scornefull, he shal laugh the to scorne, but he shal geue grace vnto the lowly. 35 The wyse shal haue honor in possession, but shame is the promocio that fooles shal haue.