Numbers 1:50-53

Coverdale(i) 50 but shalt appoynte them to the Habitacion of wytnesse, and to all ye apparell therof, and to all that belongeth therto. And they shall beare the Tabernacle & all the ordinaunce therof, and shal wayte vpon it, and shal pitch their tentes rounde aboute it. 51 And whan men shal go on their iourney, the Leuites shal take downe ye Tabernacle. And whan the hoost pitch their tetes, they shal set vp the Tabernacle. And yf a straunger preasse nye vnto it, he shall dye. 52 The children of Israel shal pitch their tentes, euery one in his awne armye, and by the baner of his awne companye. 53 But the Leuites shall pitch rounde aboute the Tabernacle of wytnesse, that there come no wrath vpon ye congregacion of the children of Israel: therfore shal the Leuites wayte vpon the Habitacion of wytnesse.