Numbers 15

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE talked with Moses, and sayde: 2 Speake to the childre of Israel, & saye vnto them: Whan ye come in to the lande of youre dwellinge, which I shal geue you, 3 and wil do sacrifice vnto the LORDE, whether it be a burntofferynge, or an offrynge for a speciall vowe, or a frewyll offerynge, or youre feast offerynges, that ye maye make a swete sauoure vnto the LORDE, of oxen or of shepe. 4 He yt wil offre now his gifte vnto ye LORDE, shal brynge for the meatofferinge a teth deale of fyne floure myngled with oyle of the fourth parte of an Hin, 5 and wyne for ye drynkofferynge the fourth parte of an Hin also: to the burntofferinge, or eny other offeringe, whan a lambe is offred. 6 But wha there is a ramme offred, thou shalt make the meatofferynge two teth deales of fyne floure myngled with oyle, of the thirde parte of an Hin, 7 and ye thirde parte of an Hin of wyne also for a drynkofferinge: this shalt thou offre for a swete sauor vnto the LORDE. 8 But yf thou wilt offre an oxe for a burntofferynge, or for a speciall vowe offerynge, or for an healthofferinge vnto the LORDE, 9 thou shalt brynge to the oxe, the meatoffrynge, euen thre tenth deales of fyne floure mingled with half an Hin of oyle, & half an Hin of wyne for a drynkoffrynge. 10 This is an offerynge of a swete sauoure vnto the LORDE. 11 Thus shalt thou do with an oxe, with a ramme, with a lambe, and with a goate. 12 Acordinge as the nombre of the offerynges is, therafter shall the nombre of the meatofferynges and drynkofferynges be also. 13 He that is one of youre selues, shall do this, that he maye offre a sacrifice of a swete sauoure vnto the LORDE. 14 And yf there dwell a straunger with you, or is amoge youre kyn?folkes, and wil do an offerynge vnto the LORDE for a swete sauoure, the same shal do as ye do. 15 Let there be one statute for the whole cogregacion, both vnto you and to the straungers. A perpetuall statute shal it be vnto youre posterities, that the straunger be eue as ye before ye LORDE. 16 One lawe, and one ordinaunce shalbe vnto you and to the straunger that dwelleth with you. 17 And the LORDE talked with Moses, & sayde: 18 Speake to the children of Israel, and saye vnto them: Whan ye come in to the lande, in to ye which I shal brynge you, 19 so that ye eate the bred of the londe, ye shal heue vp an Heueofferynge vnto the LORDE, 20 namely, a cake of the firstlinges of youre dowe shall ye geue for an Heueofferynge: as the Heueofferynge of the barne, 21 euen so shal ye geue the firstlinges of youre dowe also vnto the LORDE, for an Heueofferynge amonge youre posterities. 22 And whan ye thorow ignoraunce ouer se eny of these commaundementes, which the LORDE hath spoken by Moses, 23 and all yt the LORDE hath commaunded you by Moses (from the daye that the LORDE beganne to commaunde for youre posterities) 24 and the cogregacion do ought ignorauntly, the shal the whole congregacion offre a yonge bullocke from amonge the greate catell to a burntofferynge, for a swete sauoure vnto the LORDE, with his meatofferynge and drynkofferynge as the maner is, and an he goate for a synofferynge. 25 And so shal the prest make an attonement for the whole congregacion of the children of Israel, and it shalbe forgeuen them: for it is an ignoraunce. And they shal brynge these their giftes for an offerynge vnto the LORDE, and their synofferynge before the LORDE for their ignoraunce, 26 and it shalbe forgeuen the whole congregacion of the childre of Israel, & the straunger also yt dwelleth amonge you, for so moch as all the people is in soch ignoraunce. 27 Yf one soule synne thorow ignoraunce, the same shal brynge a she goate of a yeare olde for a synofferynge. 28 And the prest shall make an attonement for soch an ignoraunt soule with the synofferinge for the ignoraunce before the LORDE, that he maye reconcyle him, and it shal be forgeuen him. 29 And it shal be one lawe, (that ye shal do for ye ignoraunce) both vnto him that is borne amonge the children of Israel, and to the straunger that dwelleth amonge you. 30 But yf a soule do ought presumptuously, whether he be one of youre selues or a straunger, he hath despysed the LORDE: ye same soule shalbe roted out from amoge his people: 31 because he hath despysed the worde of the LORDE, and hath left his commaundement vndone: that soule shall vtterly perishe, his synne shalbe vpon him. 32 Now whyle the children of Israel were in the wyldernesse, they founde a man gatherynge stickes vpon the Sabbath daye. 33 And they that founde him gatherynge stickes, brought him vnto Moses and Aaron, and before the whole congregacion. 34 And they put him in preson, for it was not declared what shulde be done vnto him. 35 The LORDE sayde vnto Moses: The man shall dye the death, the whole congregacion shal stone him without the hoost. 36 Then the whole cogregacion brought him out of ye hoost, and stoned him that he dyed, as ye LORDE commaunded Moses. 37 And ye LORDE sayde vnto Moses: 38 Speake to the childre of Israel, & saye vnto the, yt they make them gardes vpon ye quarters of their garmentes amonge all yor posterities, and put yalowe rybandes vpon the gardes in ye quarters. 39 And ye gardes shal serue you, yt ye maye loke vpon the, and remembre all the comaundementes of the LORDE, & do them: that ye order not youre selues after ye meanynge of youre awne hert, ner go awhorynge after youre awne eyes. 40 Therfore shal ye remembre and do all my commaundementes, and be holy vnto youre God. 41 I am the LORDE youre God, which brought you out of the lande of Egipte, to be yor God. Euen I the LORDE youre God.