Matthew 22

Coverdale(i) 1 And Iesus answered, and spake vnto the agayne by parables, & sayde: 2 The kingdome of heauen is like vnto a kynge, which maried his sonne. 3 And sent forth his seruauntes, to call the gestes vnto the mariage, & they wolde not come. 4 Agayne, he sent forth other seruauntes, and sayde: Tell the gestes: Beholde, I haue prepared my dynner, myne oxen and my fed catell are kylled, and all thinges are readye, come to the mariage. 5 But they made light of it, and wente their wayes: one to his hussbandrye, another to his marchaundise. 6 As for the remnaut, they toke his seruauntes, and intreated the shamefully, and slew the. 7 When the kynge herde that, he was wroth, and sent forth his warryers, and destroyed those murtherers, and set fyre vpon their cite. 8 Then sayde he vnto his seruauntes: The mariage in dede is prepared, but the gestes were not worthy. 9 Go youre waye out therfore in to ye hye wayes, and as many as ye fynde, byd them to the mariage. 10 And the seruauntes wete out in to the hye wayes, and gathered together as many as they coulde fynde, both good and bad, & the tables were all full. 11 Then the kynge wete in, to se the gestes, and spyed there a man that had not on a weddynge garment, 12 and sayde vnto him: Frende, how camest thou in hither, & hast not on a weddyinge garment? And he was euen spechlesse. 13 Then sayde the kynge vnto his seruauntes: Take and bynde him hande and fote, & cast him into ye vtter darcknes: there shal be waylinge and gnasshinge of teth. 14 For many be called, but few are chose. 15 Then wente the Pharises, and toke councell, how they might tangle him in his wordes, 16 and sent vnto him their disciples with Herodes officers, and sayde: Master, we knowe that thou art true, and teachest the waye of God truly, and carest for no ma: for thou regardest not the outwarde appearaunce of me. 17 Tell us therfore, how thinkest thou? Is it laufulll to geue tribute vnto the Emperoure, or not? 18 Now wha Iesus perceaued their wickednes, he sayde: O ye ypocrites, why tepte ye me? 19 Shewe me ye tribute money. And they toke hi a peny. 20 And he saide vnto the: Whose is this ymage and superscription? 21 They sayde vnto him: The Emperours. Then sayde he vnto them: Geue therfore vnto the Emperour, that which is the Emperours: and geue vnto God, that which is Gods. 22 When they herde that, they marueyled, and left him, & wete their waye. 23 The same daye there came vnto him the Saduces (which holde that there is no resurreccion) and axed him, 24 and sayde: Master, Moses sayde: Yf a man dye, hauynge no children, his brother shal mary his wife, & rayse vp sede vnto his brother. 25 Now were there with us seue brethren. The first maried a wife, and dyed: & for somoch as he had no sede, he left his wife vnto his brother. 26 Like wyse the secode, and thirde vnto the seueth. 27 Last of all the woman dyed also. 28 Now in the resurreccion, whose wife shal she be of the seuen? For they all had her. 29 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: Ye erre, and vnderstode not the scriptures, ner the power of God. 30 In the resurreccion they shal nether mary, ner be maried, but are as the angels of God in heauen. 31 As touchinge the resurreccio of the deed, haue ye notred, what is spoken vnto you of God, which sayeth: 32 I am the God of Abraham, and ye God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob? Yet is not God a God of the deed, but of the lyuynge. 33 And whan the people herde that, they were astonnyed at his doctryne. 34 When the Pharises herde, that he had stopped the mouth of the Saduces, they gathered them selues together. 35 And one of them (a Scrybe) tepted him, and sayde: 36 Master, which is the chefest commaundemet in the lawe? 37 Iesus saide vnto him: Thou shalt loue the LORDE thy God with all thy hert, with all thy soule, and with all thy mynde: 38 this is the pryncipall and greatest comaundement. 39 As for the seconde, it is like vnto it: Thou shalt loue thy neghboure as thy self. 40 In these two commaundementes hange all the lawe and the prophetes. 41 Now whyle the Pharises were gathered together, Iesus axed them, 42 and sayde: What thinke ye of Christ? Whose sonne is he? They sayde vnto him: Dauids. 43 He sayde vnto them: How then doth Dauid in sprete, call him LORDE, sayenge: 44 The LORDE sayde vnto my LORDE: Syt thou on my right honde, tyll I make thine enemies thy fote stole. 45 Yf Dauid now call him LORDE, how is he then his sonne? 46 And no man coude answere him one worde, nether durst eny man axe him eny mo questios, fro that daye forth.