Judges 1:21-36

Coverdale(i) 21 Howbeit ye children of Ben Iamin droue not out ye Iebusites which dwelt at Ierusalem, but ye Iebusites dwelt amonge the children of Ben Iamin at Ierusalem vnto this daye. 22 Likewyse the children of Ioseph wete vp also vnto Bethel, & the LORDE was wt the. 23 And the house of Ioseph spyed out Bethel (which afore tyme was called Lus) 24 and the watch men sawe a man goinge out of the cite, and saide vnto him: Shewe vs where we maye come in to the cite, & we wyll shewe mercy vpon the. 25 And whan he had shewed them where they mighte come in to the cite, they smote ye cite wt the edge of the swerde: but they let the man go & all his frendes. 26 Then wete the same man vp in to ye countre of the Hethites, & buylded a cite, and called it Lus, & so is the name of it yet vnto this daye. 27 And Manasses droue not out Beth Sean wt the vyllages therof, ner Thaenah with the vyllages therof, ner the inhabiters of Dor with the vyllages therof: ner the inbiters of Iebleam wt the vyllages therof, ner the inhabiters of Mageddo wt the vyllages therof, and ye Cananites beganne to dwell in the same londe. 28 But whan Israel was mightie, he made the Cananites tributaries, and droue them not out. 29 In like maner Ephraim droue not out ye Cananites that dwelt at Gaser, but the Cananites dwelt amonge them at Gaser. 30 Zabulon also droue not out the inhabiters of Kitron and Nahalol, but ye Cananites dwelt amonge them, & were tributaries. 31 Asser droue not out ye inhabiters of Aco, & ye inhabiters of Sidon, of Ahelab, of Achsib, of Helba, of Aphik & of Rehob, 32 but ye Asserites dwelt amoge the Cananites that dwelt in the lode, for they droue the not out. 33 Nephtali droue not out ye inhabiters of Beth Semes, ner of Beth Anath, but dwelt amonge the Cananites which dwelt in the londe: howbeit they of Beth Semes and of Beth Anath were tributaries. 34 And the Amorites subdued the childre of Dan vpon the mountaine, and suffred them not to come downe in to the valley. 35 And the Amorites beganne to dwell vpo mount Heres at Aiolon and at Saalbim. Howbeit ye hande of ye house of Ioseph was to sore for them, and they became tributaries. 36 And the border of the Amorites was, as a ma goeth vp towarde Acrabim, and from the rocke, & from the toppe.