Job 38

Coverdale(i) 1 Then spake the LORDE vnto Iob out of the storme, and sayde: 2 what is he, that hydeth his mynde with foolysh wordes? 3 Gyrde vp thy loynes like a ma, for I will question the, se thou geue me a dyrecte answere. 4 Where wast thou, when I layed ye foundacions of the earth? Tell planely yff thou hast vnderstondinge. 5 Who hath measured it, knowest thou? Or, who hath spred ye lyne vpon it? 6 Where vpon stode the pilers of it? Or, who layed ye corner stone? 7 where wast thou when the mornynge starres gaue me prayse, ad when all the angels of God reioysed? 8 Who shutt the see with dores, when it brake forth as a childe out off his mothers wombe? 9 When I made the cloudes to be a coueringe for it, and swedled it with ye darcke? 10 when I gaue it my comaundement, makynge dores & barres for it, 11 sayenge: Hither to shalt thou come, but no further, and here shalt thou laye downe thy proude and hye wawes. 12 Hast thou geue the mornynge his charge (as soone as thou wast borne) and shewed the dayespringe his place, 13 yt it might take holde of the corners of the earth, & yt the vngodly might be shake out? 14 Their tokes & weapes hast thou turned like claye, & set the vp agayne as the chaunginge of a garment. 15 Yee thou hast spoyled the vngodly off their light, & broke the arme of the proude. 16 Camest thou euer into the groude of the see, Or, hast thou walked in ye lowe corners of ye depe? 17 Haue the gates of death bene opened vnto the or hast thou sene the dore of euerlastige treasure? 18 Hast thou also perceaued, how brode ye earth is? Now yf thou hast knowlege of all, 19 the shewe me where light dwelleth, and where darcknes is: 20 yt thou mayest bringe vs vnto their quarters, yf thou cast tell the waye to their houses. 21 Knewest thou (when thou wast borne) how olde thou shuldest be? 22 Wentest thou euer in to the treasuries off the snowe, or hast thou sene ye secrete places of the hale: 23 which I haue prepared agaynst the tyme of trouble, agaynst the tyme of batell & warre? 24 By what waye is the light parted, & the heate dealt out vpon earth? 25 Who deuydeth the abundauce of waters in to ryuers, or who maketh a waye for the stormy wether, 26 yt it watereth & moystureth ye drye & baren grounde: 27 to make the grasse growe in places where no body dwelleth, & in the wildernes where no ma remayneth? 28 Who is the father of rayne? Or, who hath begotten the droppes of dew? 29 Out of whose wobe came the yse? who hath gendred the coldnes of ye ayre? 30 yt the waters are as harde as stones, & lye congeeled aboue the depe. 31 Hast thou brought ye vij. starres together? Or, art thou able to breake the Circle of heaue? 32 Cast thou bringe forth the mornynge starre or the euenynge starre at couenient tyme, & coueye the home agayne? 33 Knowest thou the course off heaue, yt thou mayest set vp the ordinaunce therof vpo earth? 34 Morouer, cast thou lift vp thy voyce to ye cloudes, yt they maye poure downe a greate rayne vpo the? 35 Canst thou thodre also yt they maye go their waye, & be obediet vnto the, sayege: lo, here are we? 36 Who geueth sure wisdome, or stedfast vnderstodinge? 37 who nombreth the cloudes in wisdome? who stilleth ye vehement waters of the heaue? 38 who turneth the clottes to dust, & the to be clottes agayne? 39 Huntest thou the praye fro the Lyon, or fedest thou his whelpes 40 lyege in their denes & lurkinge in their couches? 41 who prouydeth meate for the rauen, whe his yonge ones crie vnto God, ad fle aboute for want of meate?