Job 38

  1 H3068 Then the LORD H6030 answered [H8799]   H347 Job H5591 out of the whirlwind H559 , and said [H8799]  ,
  2 H2821 Who is this that darkeneth [H8688]   H6098 counsel H4405 by words H1847 without knowledge?
  3 H247 Gird up [H8798]   H2504 now thy loins H1397 like a man H7592 ; for I will demand [H8799]   H3045 of thee, and answer [H8685]   thou me.
  4 H375 Where H3245 wast thou when I laid the foundations [H8800]   H776 of the earth H5046 ? declare [H8685]   H3045 , if thou hast [H8804]   H998 understanding.
  5 H7760 Who hath laid [H8804]   H4461 the measures H3045 thereof, if thou knowest [H8799]   H5186 ? or who hath stretched [H8804]   H6957 the line upon it?
  6 H134 Whereupon are the foundations H2883 thereof fastened [H8717]   H3384 ? or who laid [H8804]   H6438 the corner H68 stone thereof;
  7 H1242 When the morning H3556 stars H7442 sang [H8800]   H3162 together H1121 , and all the sons H430 of God H7321 shouted [H8686]   for joy?
  8 H5526 Or who shut up [H8686]   H3220 the sea H1817 with doors H1518 , when it brake forth [H8800]   H3318 , as if it had issued out [H8799]   H7358 of the womb?
  9 H7760 When I made [H8800]   H6051 the cloud H3830 the garment H6205 thereof, and thick darkness H2854 a swaddlingband for it,
  10 H7665 And brake up [H8799]   H2706 for it my decreed H7760 place, and set [H8799]   H1280 bars H1817 and doors,
  11 H559 And said [H8799]   H5704 , Hitherto H6311   H935 shalt thou come [H8799]   H3254 , but no further [H8686]   H1347 : and here shall thy proud H1530 waves H7896 be stayed [H8799]  ?
  12 H6680 Hast thou commanded [H8765]   H1242 the morning H3117 since thy days H7837 ; and caused the dayspring H3045 to know [H8765]   H4725 his place;
  13 H270 That it might take hold [H8800]   H3671 of the ends H776 of the earth H7563 , that the wicked H5287 might be shaken out [H8735]   of it?
  14 H2015 It is turned [H8691]   H2563 as clay H2368 to the seal H3320 ; and they stand [H8691]   H3830 as a garment.
  15 H7563 And from the wicked H216 their light H4513 is withholden [H8735]   H7311 , and the high [H8802]   H2220 arm H7665 shall be broken [H8735]  .
  16 H935 Hast thou entered [H8804]   H5033 into the springs H3220 of the sea H1980 ? or hast thou walked [H8694]   H2714 in the search H8415 of the depth?
  17 H8179 Have the gates H4194 of death H1540 been opened [H8738]   H7200 unto thee? or hast thou seen [H8799]   H8179 the doors H6757 of the shadow of death?
  18 H995 Hast thou perceived [H8712]   H7338 the breadth H776 of the earth H5046 ? declare [H8685]   H3045 if thou knowest [H8804]   it all.
  19 H1870 Where is the way H216 where light H7931 dwelleth [H8799]   H2822 ? and as for darkness H4725 , where is the place thereof,
  20 H3947 That thou shouldest take [H8799]   H1366 it to the bound H995 thereof, and that thou shouldest know [H8799]   H5410 the paths H1004 to the house thereof?
  21 H3045 Knowest [H8804]   H3205 thou it, because thou wast then born [H8735]   H4557 ? or because the number H3117 of thy days H7227 is great?
  22 H935 Hast thou entered [H8804]   H214 into the treasures H7950 of the snow H7200 ? or hast thou seen [H8799]   H214 the treasures H1259 of the hail,
  23 H2820 Which I have reserved [H8804]   H6256 against the time H6862 of trouble H3117 , against the day H7128 of battle H4421 and war?
  24 H335 By what H1870 way H216 is the light H2505 parted [H8735]   H6327 , which scattereth [H8686]   H6921 the east wind H776 upon the earth?
  25 H6385 Who hath divided [H8765]   H8585 a watercourse H7858 for the overflowing of waters H1870 , or a way H2385 for the lightning H6963 of thunder;
  26 H4305 To cause it to rain [H8687]   H776 on the earth H376 , where no man H4057 is; on the wilderness H120 , wherein there is no man;
  27 H7646 To satisfy [H8687]   H7722 the desolate H4875 and waste H4161 ground; and to cause the bud H1877 of the tender herb H6779 to spring forth [H8687]  ?
  28 H3426 Hath H4306 the rain H1 a father H3205 ? or who hath begotten [H8689]   H96 the drops H2919 of dew?
  29 H990 Out of whose womb H3318 came [H8804]   H7140 the ice H3713 ? and the hoary frost H8064 of heaven H3205 , who hath gendered [H8804]   it?
  30 H4325 The waters H2244 are hid [H8691]   H68 as with a stone H6440 , and the face H8415 of the deep H3920 is frozen [H8691]  .
  31 H7194 Canst thou bind [H8762]   H4575 the sweet influences H3598 of Pleiades H6605 , or loose [H8762]   H4189 the bands H3685 of Orion?
  32 H3318 Canst thou bring forth [H8686]   H4216 Mazzaroth H6256 in his season H5148 ? or canst thou guide [H8686]   H5906 Arcturus H1121 with his sons?
  33 H3045 Knowest [H8804]   H2708 thou the ordinances H8064 of heaven H7760 ? canst thou set [H8799]   H4896 the dominion H776 thereof in the earth?
  34 H7311 Canst thou lift up [H8686]   H6963 thy voice H5645 to the clouds H8229 , that abundance H4325 of waters H3680 may cover [H8762]   thee?
  35 H7971 Canst thou send [H8762]   H1300 lightnings H3212 , that they may go [H8799]   H559 , and say [H8799]   unto thee, Here we are ?
  36 H7896 Who hath put [H8804]   H2451 wisdom H2910 in the inward parts H5414 ? or who hath given [H8804]   H998 understanding H7907 to the heart?
  37 H5608 Who can number [H8762]   H7834 the clouds H2451 in wisdom H7901 ? or who can stay [H8686]   H5035 the bottles H8064 of heaven,
  38 H6083 When the dust H3332 groweth [H8800]   H4165 into hardness H7263 , and the clods H1692 cleave fast together [H8792]  ?
  39 H6679 Wilt thou hunt [H8799]   H2964 the prey H3833 for the lion H4390 ? or fill [H8762]   H2416 the appetite H3715 of the young lions,
  40 H7817 When they couch [H8799]   H4585 in their dens H3427 , and abide [H8799]   H5521 in the covert H3926 to H695 lie in wait?
  41 H3559 Who provideth [H8686]   H6158 for the raven H6718 his food H3206 ? when his young ones H7768 cry [H8762]   H410 unto God H8582 , they wander [H8799]   H1097 for lack H400 of meat.