Jeremiah 51:6-25

Coverdale(i) 6 Fle awaye from Babilon, euery man saue his life. Let no man holde his tunge to hir wickednes, for the tyme of the LORDES vengeaunce is come, yee he shal rewarde her agayne. 7 Babilon hath bene in the LORDES honde a golden cuppe, yt maketh all londes droncken. Of hir wyne haue all people droncken, therfore are they out of their wittes. 8 But sodenly is Babilon fallen, and destroyed. Mourne for her, brynge plasters for hir woundes, yf she maye peraduenture be healed agayne. 9 We wolde haue made Babilon whole (saye they) but she is not recouered. Therfore wil we let her alone, & go euery ma in to his owne countre. For hir iudgmet is come in to heauen, & is gone vp to the cloudes. 10 And therfore come on, we will shewe Sion the worke of the LORDE oure God. 11 Make sharpe the arowes, and fyll the quyuers: for the LORDE shall rayse vp the sprete of the kynge of the Meedes, which hath allready a desyre to destroye Babilon. This shalbe the vengeaunce of the LORDES, and the vengeaunce of his temple. 12 Set vp tokens vpon the walles of Babilon, make youre watch stronge, set yor watch men in araye, yee holde preuye watches: & yet for all that shall the LORDE go forth with the deuyce, which he hath taken vpon them that dwell in Babilon. 13 O thou that dwellest by the greate waters, o thou that hast so greate treasure and riches, thyne ende is come: & the rekenynge of thy wynnynges. 14 The LORDE of hoostes hath sworne by himself, that he wil ouer whelme the with men like greshoppers in nombre, which with a corage shall crie Alarum Alarum agaynst the. 15 Yee euen the LORDE of hoostes, that with his power made the earth, with his wi?dome prepayred ye rounde worlde, & with his discrecion spred out the heauens. 16 As soone as he letteth his voyce be herde, the waters in the ayre waxe fearce: He draweth vp the cloudes from the endes of the earth. He turneth ye lightenynges to rayne, he bringeth the wyndes out of their secrete places 17 By the reason of wy?dome, all men are become fooles. Confounded be all the casters of ymages: for ye thinge that they make, is but disceate, & hath no breath. 18 Vayne is it, & worthy to be laughed at: & in the tyme of visitacion it shal perish. 19 Neuertheles, the porcion of Iacob is none soch: but he that made all thinges, whose name is the LORDE of hoostes, he is the rodde of his enheritaunce. 20 Thou breakest my weapens of warre, & yet thorow the I haue scatred the nacions & kyngdomes: 21 Thorow the haue I scatred horse & horseman, yee the charettes, & soch as sat vpon them: 22 Thorow the I haue scatred man & woman, olde and yonge, bacheler & mayden. 23 Thorow the I haue scatred the shepherde & his flocke, the husbond man & his catell, the prynces & the rulers. 24 Therfore wil I rewarde the cite of Babilon & all his citesyns the Caldees, with all the euell which they haue done vnto Sion: Yee that ye youre selues shall se it, saieth the LORDE. 25 Beholde, I come vpon the (thou noysome hill) saieth the LORDE, thou that destroyest all londes. I wil stretch out my honde ouer the, & cast the downe from the stony rockes: & wil make the a brente hill,