Ezekiel 7:19-22

Coverdale(i) 19 their syluer shall lye in the stretes, and their golde shalbe despised: Yee their syluer and golde maye not delyuer them, in the daye of the fearfull wrath of the LORDE. They shall not satisfie their hongrie soules, nether fyll their emptie belies therwith: For it is become their owne decaye thorow their wickednesse: 20 because they made therof, not only costly Ieweles for their pompe and pryde, but also abhominable ymages and Idols. For this cause will I make them to be abhorred. 21 Morouer, I will geue it in to ye hondes off the straungers to be spoyled: and to ye wicked, for to be robbed, and they shall destroye it. 22 My face wil I turne from the, my Treasury shall be defyled: for the theues shall go into it, and suspende it.