Ezekiel 6

Coverdale(i) 1 The worde of the LORDE came vnto me, sayenge: 2 Thou sonne off man, turne thy face to the mountaynes of Israel, that thou mayest prophecie vnto them, 3 and saye: Heare the worde of the LORDE God, o ye mountaynes off Israel: Thus hath the LORDE God spoken to the moutaynes, hilles, valleys and dales: Beholde, I will brynge a swearde ouer you, and destroye youre hie places: 4 I wil cast downe youre aulters, and breake downe youre temples. Youre slayne men will I laye before youre goddes, 5 and the deed carcases off the children off Israel will I cast before their ymages, youre bones wil I strowe rounde aboute youre aulters, 6 and dwellinge places. The cities shalbe desolate, ye hillchapels layed waist: youre aulters destroyed, & broken: youre goddes cast downe, and taken awaye, yor tepels layde eaue with the groude, youre owne workes clene roted out. 7 Youre slayne men shall lie amonge you, that ye maye lerne to knowe, how yt I am the LORDE. 8 Those yt amoge you haue escaped the swearde, will I leaue amonge the Gentiles, for I will scatre you amonge the nacions. 9 And they that escape from you, shall thinke vpon me amonge the heithen, where they shalbe in captiuyte. As for that whorish and vnfaithfull herte of theirs, wherwith they runne awaye fro me, I will breake it: yee & put out those eyes off theirs, that committe fornicacion with their Idols. Then shall they be ashamed, and displeased with their selues, for the wickednesses ad abhominacions, which they haue done: 10 and shal lerne to knowe, how that it is not in vayne, that I the LORDE spake, to bringe soch mysery vpon them. 11 The LORDE sayde morouer vnto me: Smyte thine hondes together, and stampe with thy fete, and saye: Wo worth all the abhominacions and wickednesses of the house of Israel, for because of the, they shal perish with the swearde, with hoger and with pestilence. 12 Who so is farre of, shall dye off the pestilence: he that is nye at hande, shall perish with the swearde: and ye other that are beseged, shall dye of honger. Thus wil I satisfie my wrothfull displeasure vpon them. 13 And so shall ye lerne to knowe, that I am the LORDE, whe youre slayne men lye amoge youre goddes, and aboute youre aulters: vpon all hie hilles and toppes off mountaynes, amoge all grene trees, amonge all thicke okes: euen in the places, where they dyd sacrifice to all their Idols. 14 I will stretch myne honde out vpon them, & will make the londe waist: So that it shall lye desolate and voyde, from the wildernesse off Deblat forth, thorow all their habitacions: to lerne them for to knowe, that I am the LORDE.