Deuteronomy 11

Coverdale(i) 1 Therfore shalt thou loue the LORDE yi God, & kepe his comaundemetes, his ordinaunces, his lawes, & his preceptes all yi life loge. 2 And vnderstode this daye, that which youre childre knowe not: Which haue not sene the nurtoure of the LORDE yor God, & his greatnesse, & his mightie hande, & his stretched out arme, 3 & his tokens and actes which he dyd amonge the Egipcias, vnto Pharao the kynge of Egipte, & to all his londe, 4 & what he dyd to the power of ye Egipcians, & vnto their horses & charettes, whan he broughte the waters of the reed see vpo them, as they folowed after you, & how ye LORDE hath broughte them to naught vnto this daye: 5 & what he dyd vnto you in the wildernesse, vntyll ye came vnto this place: 6 what he dyd vnto Dathan and Abiram the children of Eliab the sonne of Ruben, how the earth opened hir mouth and swalowed them with their housholdes & tetes all their good that they had in the myddes amonge all Israel. 7 For youre eyes haue sene the greate workes of ye LORDE, which he hath done. 8 Therfore shal ye kepe all the commaundementes which I commaunde you this daye, that ye maye be stronge to come in, and to conquere the londe, whither ye go to possesse it, 9 & that ye maye lyue longe in the londe, which the LORDE sware vnto youre fathers, to geue vnto them and to their sede, eue a londe that floweth with mylke and hony: 10 For the londe whither thou commest in, to possesse it, is not as the londe of Egipte, whence ye came out, where thou sowedest thy sede, and waterdest it at thy fote as a garden of herbes: 11 but it hath hilles and valleys, which drynke water of the rayne of heauen, 12 a londe that the LORDE thy God careth for. And the eyes of the LORDE thy God are allwaye therin from the begynnynge of the yeare vnto the ende, 13 Yf ye shal herken therfore vnto my commaundementes, which I commaunde you this daye, yt ye loue the LORDE youre God, and serue him, with all youre hert and with all youre soule 14 then wyl I geue rayne vnto youre lode in due season, early and late, that thou mayest gather in thy corne, thy wyne and thine oyle: 15 and I wyll geue grasse vpon thy felde for thy catell, that ye maye eate & be fylled. 16 But bewarre, yt youre hert be not disceaued, that ye go asyde, & serue other goddes, & worshipe them, 17 and then the wrath of the LORDE waxe whote vpo you, and he shut vp the heaue, that there come no rayne, and the earth geue not hir increase, & ye perishe shortly from the good lode, which the LORDE hath geuen you. 18 Put vp therfore these my wordes in youre hertes and in youre soules, and bynde the for a signe vpon youre handes, yt they maye be a token of remembraunce before yor eyes: 19 and teach them youre children, so that thou talke therof, whan thou syttest in thine house, or walkest by the waye: whan thou lyest downe, and whan thou rysest vp: 20 and wryte them vpon the postes of thine house, and vpon thy gates, 21 that thou and thy children maye lyue longe in the londe, which the LORDE sware vnto thy fathers to geue them, as longe as the dayes of heauen endure vpon earth. 22 For yf ye shal kepe all these commaundementes which I commaunde you, so that ye do therafter, that ye loue the LORDE youre God, and walke in all his wayes, and cleue vnto him, 23 then shall the LORDE dryue out all these nacions before you, so that ye shall coquere greater and mightier nacions then ye youre selues are. 24 All the places that the soles of youre fete treade vpon, shalbe yours, from the wyldernes, and fro mount Libanus, and from the water Euphrates vnto ye vttemost see shal youre coastes be. 25 Noman shal be able to wtstonde you. The LORDE youre God shal let the feare and drede of you come vpon all ye londes wherin ye go, like as he hath promysed you. 26 Beholde, I laye before you this daye the blessynge and the curse. 27 The blessynge, yf ye be obedient vnto the commaundementes of the LORDE youre God, which I commaunde you this daye. 28 The curse, yf ye wyl not be obedient to the commaundementes of the LORDE youre God, but turne out of the waye, which I comaunde you this daye, so that ye walke after other goddes, whom ye knowe not. 29 Whan ye LORDE yi God hath broughte the in to the londe, whither thou commest in to possesse it, then shalt thou geue the blessynge vpon mount Grisim, and the curse vpon mount Ebal, 30 which are beyonde Iordane the waye towarde the goinge downe of the Sonne, in the lode of the Cananites, which dwell in ye playne felde ouer agaynst Gilgal, besyde the Oke groue of More. 31 For ye shal go ouer Iordane, that ye maye come in to take possession of the londe, which the LORDE youre God hath geuen you, to conquere it, and to dwell therin. 32 Take hede now therfore, that ye do acordinge vnto all the ordinaunces and lawes, which I laye before you this daye.