Daniel 8:8-14

Coverdale(i) 8 The goate waxed exceadinge greate, and when he was at the strongest, his greate horne was broken also. Then grewe there other foure soch like in the steade, towarde the foure wyndes off the heauen. 9 Yee out of one of the leest off these hornes, there came vp yet another horne, which waxed maruelous greate: towarde the south, towarde the east, and towarde the fayre pleasaunt londe. 10 It grewe vp to the hoost off heauen, wherof it dyd cast some downe to the grounde, and off the starres also, and trode them vnder fete. 11 Yee it grewe vp vnto the prynce off the hoost, from whom the daylie offeringe was taken, and the place off his Sanctuary casten downe. 12 And a certayne season was geuen vnto it, agaynst the daylie offeringe (because of wickednesse) that it might cast downe the verite to the grounde, and so to prospere in all thinges, that it went aboute. 13 Vpon this I herde one off the sayntes speakynge, which saynte sayde vnto one that axed this question: How longe shall this vision off the daylie sacrifice and of the waistinge abhominacion endure: that the Sanctuary and the power shall so be troden vnder fote? 14 And he answered him: Vnto the euenyinge & the morninge, euen two thousande and thre hudreth dayes: then shall the Sanctuary be clensed agayne.